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Top 10 Best Over The Range Microwave Ovens 2021

    over-the-range microwave oven review

    Selecting the best over the range microwave for your kitchen will help you save counter space. This is great for smaller homes and apartments, but it can also be incredibly useful for people who enjoy cooking and want as much prep room as they can get. Searching for a microwave can be confusing, as they have a range of sizes, colors, power levels, and features. To help you narrow down your selection and make the right purchase, start by looking at these top 10 best over the range microwave ovens.

    Table of content:

    1. List of best over the range microwaves.
    2. Detailed review of best over the range microwave.
    3. Features to consider when purchasing an over the range microwave.
    4. How to install over the range microwave.

    List Of Top 10 Best Over The Range Microwave Ovens 2021

    PictureNameCapacityApprox. Dimensions (HxWxD)WattagePriceRating
    Sharp R-18711.1 cu. ft 16-11/32 x 29-15/16 x 15-9/32 inches850-watts$$$$5.0
    GE JVM3160RFSS1.6 cu. ft16 1/2 in x 29 7/8 in x 15 1/4 in1000-watts$$$4..9
    Frigidaire FFCM0724LB0.7 cu. ft10-1/8 in x 17 in x 12-7/8 in700-watts$$4.8
    GE JVM7195SFSS1.9 cu. ft16.5 in x 29.8 in x 15.5 in1100-watts$$$$4.7
    Gallery FGMO205K2 cu. ft13 3/8 in x 24 in x 19 1/8 in1200-watts$$$$4.6
    Sharp R-12141-1/2 cu. ft14.1 in x 23.9 in x 15.6 in1100-watts$$$$4.5
    Sharp R-14051.4 cu. ft15.6 x 33.1 x 19.3 inches950-watts$$$$4.5
    Breville BMO734XL1.2 cu. ft12.5 x 20.5 x 18 inches1100-watts$$$$4.4
    GE JVM7195DFBB1.9 cu. ft20 x 33 x 19.2 inches1100-watts$$$$4.3
    Whirlpool WMH31017AW1.7 cu. ft17-1/4 x 29-15/16 X 16-1/8 inches1100-watts$$$$4.2

    Detailed review of best over the range microwave:

    #5 – Sharp R-1214 1-½-Cubic Feet 1100-Watt Over-The-range Microwave, Stainless

    top over-the-range ovens reviewsThe stainless steel exterior of this Sharp microwave will add a touch of elegance to your kitchen. It has 1100 watts, with adjustable power. It also has sensor technology that is Smart & Easy to make cooking simple. The auto-touch control panel is intuitive to use and includes a 2-color LCD display. The system has 24 different automatic settings with convenient functions that include hot water, keep warm, Minute Plus, and popcorn. The turntable measures 14 ⅛ inches across to fit even the largest microwave-safe dishes. That is why this is in our list of best over the range microwave ovens.

    #4 – Frigidaire FGMO205K 2 Cubic Foot Built-In Microwave With 1,200 Watts, Effortless Reheat And One-Touch, Stainless Steel

    best over-the-range ovens reviewsThis product proves that stainless steel is a popular color among the top 10 best over the range microwave ovens. It measures an impressive 19.1 by 24 by 13.4 inches for 2 cubic feet of space, more than most other microwaves. To make the most of this space, the turntable is 16 inches in diameter. There are options for one-touch cooking and reheating as well as Quick Preheat, Quick Boil, Effortless Dry, and various Express-Select Controls. As a Frigidaire product, you can trust the manufacturing.

    #3 – GE JVM7195SFSS 1.9 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Over-The-Range Microwave

    best over the range microwaveThis is another of the large top 10 best over the range microwave ovens, with 1.9 cubic feet. The glass recessed turntable is designed to maximize the amount of this space that you can take advantage of. The halogen interior light lets you clearly see your food and the exhaust fan has 3-speeds to maximize ability and efficiency. The electronic touch controls are easy to use and a light is included on the underside of the microwave to provide light for your stove below.

    #2 – Frigidaire FFCM0724LB 700-Watt Countertop Microwave, 0.7 Cubic Feet, Black

    good over-the-range microwave ovenFor those looking for a compact microwave that still offers enough space, consider this Frigidaire one with 0.7 cubic feet of room and a 9.6 inch turntable made of glass for durability. The 700 watts are divided into 10 different levels for the cooking power based on your needs. There is an Easy-Set start feature for one to six minutes as well as the ability to add 30 seconds with a button and four other 1-touch options. This appliance also includes 2-stage cooking for your convenience as well as auto reheat, auto cooking, and defrost.

    #1 – GE JVM3160RFSS 1.6 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Over-The-Range Microwave– Best Over the range Microwave ovens winner

    best GE over-the-range microwave ovenThis is yet another GE microwave that makes the top list for its easy-to-use electronic touch controls and glass turntable. It has 300 CFM for ventilation and relies on an exhaust fan with two different speeds. This best over the range microwave is very easy to install, providing step-by-step instructions. The stainless steel finish lets it match almost any kitchen decor.

    Now that you are familiar with the top 10 best over the range microwave ovens, it should be easier to find the right one for your space. Aim to pick one from a reputable brand, with ample space, and whichever features you want, whether that is automatic cooking and reheating, 2-stage cooking, or one-touch cooking.

    Features to Consider When Buying the Next Best Over the Range Microwave

    Today’s microwaves have increased features that have allowed them to take the place of multiple appliances. In some cases, they even provide a convection feature that eliminates your need for an oven. Before choosing a new microwave, however, there are some important features to consider. Doing so will give you the best bang for your buck when making a final decision on an over the range microwave.

    1. Venting

    One of the first features to consider is the ability to select the venting feature. When you are using a microwave over the range, this particular feature can be important when several cooking elements are working at the same time. There are also fan functionality that can give you different fan speeds.

    1. Humidity Sensor

    Another important feature is the humidity sensor. This allows the microwave to lengthen or shorten the cooking time of your food. This can be helpful in getting food to just the right temperature. By making these temperature adjustments, you do not need to use guess work to achieve good results.

    1. Preprogrammed Food Option Buttons

    Additionally, there are plenty of microwaves that provide buttons preprogrammed for certain types of food. For example, one might have a button for steaming vegetables, while another is pre-set to bake cakes.

    1. Auto-Control for Temperature

    There is also auto-control for temperature, which gives you more options when it comes to cooking and reheating a variety of foods. Depending on the size of the microwave, you can also reheat multiple plates at the same time.

    1. Child Safety Lock

    Safety with microwaves is also important. Therefore, you will want to look for a microwave with a child lock. This feature is executed differently on each microwave, depending on the brand, but most of them are made to keep a kid from starting the microwave on their own. Other locks might be purchased in addition to the ones that come on the microwave itself, but the ones already installed are often the most effective.

    1. Ventilation System

    Another feature to be on the lookout for is the ventilation system. You will want one that can have the filters removed for easy cleaning. This will also allow for better grease control in the kitchen when using your range and other appliances.

    1. Wattage

    Wattage is a final feature to look for. When it comes to wattage, you will want it to be higher to achieve the greatest flexibility in food preparation and cooking. The 1,000-watt microwave provides enough power to provide flexibility in cooking and reheating foods.

    In the final analysis, you will want to make sure that your microwave offers safety features, an easy to clean ventilation system and a higher wattage. The other features that allow for greater control in cooking your food are also pluses. However, the amount of cooking space a microwave can offer will be based on the size of the space that you have available for a microwave. In the end, the over the range microwave can be a great tool in your kitchen, especially with these features.

    How to Install Over the range microwave

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