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Top 10 Best Free Standing Wine Cellar of 2021 For Portability at Home

    Selecting a free standing wine cellar as opposed to a built-in one is a great way to provide versatility. If you decide you want to move the wine cellar, it is easy to do so and you can even take it with you when you move from your current home. The only issue is trying to find the right one out of all the options available. Here are some of the best free standing wine cellar to help you get started on your search.

    Table Of Content:

    1. List Of Top 10 Best Free Standing Wine Cellars of 2021 For Portability at Home
    2. Detailed Review Of Top 10 Best Free Standing Wine Cellars of 2021 For Portability at Home
    3. Learn How to Properly Store Wine with a Freestanding Wine Cooler

    List Of Top 10 Best Free Standing Wine Cellars of 2021 For Portability at Home

    PictureNameHolds BottleDimension
    (Height x Depth x Wide)
    Haier 12-Bottle12 Bottles26 x 20.3 x 9.9 inches12 cubic_feet$$$$5.0
    Avanti12 Bottles25.25 x 20.25 x 10 inchesNot listed$$$4.9
    NewAir AW-121E12 Bottles19 x 19.5 x 14 inches Not listed$$$$4.8
    Wine Enthusiast 18 Bottles37.5 x 20 x 9.88 inchesNot listed$$$$4.7
    Haier 8 Bottles20.3 x 17.9 x 9.9 inches8 cubic_feet$$4.6
    NewAir AW-281E28 Bottles29.25 x 18.13 x 20.88 inchesNot listed$$$$4.5
    NewAir AW-181E 18 Bottles25.75 x 19.38 x 14 inchesNot listed$$$$4.4
    Haier18 Bottles37.2 x 20.3 x 9.9 inches18 cubic_feet$$$$4.3
    AKDY AZ-EA44EC-7532 Bottles31.7 x 21 x 16.2 inchesNot listed$$$$4.3
    Edgestar34 Bottles33 1/8 x 23 1/16 x 19 7/16 inchesNot listed$$$$4.2

    Detailed Review Of Top 10 Best Free Standing Wine Cellars of 2021 For Portability at Home

    #7 – Haier 18-Bottle Dual Zone Curved Door With Smoked Glass Wine Cellar

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    Because this Haier wine cellar relies on thermoelectric cooling, it is ultra quiet and free from vibrations, meaning it won’t disrupt your home. It works great with both white and red wines and includes nine chrome storage racks that are full width. The curved door gives this cooler a unique and stylish appearance and the touchscreen controls are easy to use.

    #6 – NewAir AW-181E Space Saver 18 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler, Stainless Steel

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    In addition to thermoelectric technology, this wine cellar also has an insulated door which helps the interior temperature remain consistent and even reduce the penetration of UV rays depending on where you place the cellar. The design is compact and free standing so it can easily fit in most spaces or even be moved between rooms as needed.

    #5 – NewAir AW-281E 28 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

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    Not only is this one of the NewAir free standing wine cellar that holds 28 bottles of wine, but you can remove the wine racks to completely view bottles or customize the interior layout. The racks are also chrome-plated for added durability and ease of cleaning.

    #4 – Haier 8-Bottle Bottle Wine Cellar With Electronic Controls

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    As an eight bottle wine cellar, this option is great for those looking for a rack they can put on their countertop. It features a curved door and smoked glass as well as an adjustable thermostat with digital controls and soft interior lighting to make viewing your collection easy.

    #3 – Wine Enthusiast 18-Bottle Touchscreen Wine Refrigerator (Slimline – 2-Temp)

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    This is one of the many 18-bottle free standing wine cellars that is divided into two zones. The top section will hold ten bottles while the lower holds eight and there are chrome shelves which can pull out for easy access. While the racks are designed to hold standard sized wine bottles, you can also remove the shelves to fit in larger ones.

    #2 – NewAir AW-121E 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

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    This is yet another standing wine cellar that is perfect for sitting on your countertop or even at your bar if you have one. There are a total of three slide-out shelves in chrome and together the cooler can hold twelve bottles of wine. The illumination is soft LED lights so it won’t hurt your eyes, offering just enough visibility.

    #1 – Avanti 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Counter Top Wine Cooler – Model EWC1201

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    As a thermoelectric wine cooler, there is no vibration from the cooling devices in this machine which in turn means that you don’t have to worry about the bottle sediment being disturbed. The reason this particular model is at the top of the list is that it can store twelve bottles of wine, including four open ones due to its innovative interior layout.

    Now that you know what the top standing wine coolers look like, you are better prepared to make your purchase. Consider how many bottles you want to store, how many zones you need, and what features you want and you should be well on your way to finding the right storage space for your wine.

    Learn How to Properly Store Wine with a Free standing Wine Cooler

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