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Top 10 Best Citrus Juicers 2021

    Citrus juice is incredibly versatile, letting you make a delicious marinade or a stand-alone beverage depending on the fruit and your personal taste. Citrus juicers take the effort out of the process by making it incredibly simple to get all of the liquid from the fruit in question with minimal strength. When looking at your options, you will notice that the top 10 best citrus juicers are designed to make it easier to juice and come in varying shapes, sizes, and designs. To store your fruit and vegetables longer use these reusable cotton produce bags which are environment friendly instead of plastic bags where the fruit and vegetables can rot quickly.

    Table Of Content:

    1. List Of Top 10 Best Citrus Juicers
    2. Detailed Review Of Top 5 Best Citrus Juicers 
    3. Features to Consider When Purchasing the best Citrus Juicers
    4. Uses and Varieties of Citrus (a Video)

    List Of Top 10 Best Citrus Juicers

    Black & Decker CJ625$$5.0
    Cuisinart CCJ-500$$$5.0
    BLACK+DECKER CJ630 $4.8
    Tribest CS-1000$$$4.7
    Breville 800CPXL$$$$4.7
    New Star Foodservice 46878$$$4.6
    Chef'n FreshForce$$$4.0

    Detailed review of best citrus juicers

    #5 –New Star Foodservice 46878 Commercial Citrus Juicer, Enameled Black

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    This is one of the best citrus juicers you will find anywhere and because it is specifically made for citrus fruits, there is no worry about size being a concern. This device will get up to 20% more juice from each orange compared to the competition thanks to its dual-gear mechanism that has improved pressing power. The product is made from steel and it even strains out seeds and pulp during the juicing process.

    #4 – RSVP Everyday Gourmet Stainless Steel Citrus Juicer

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    This is one of the top 10 best citrus juicers because of its sturdy stainless steel construction that is dishwasher safe and its ability to work with something most people already have: a Pyrex measuring cup holding one or two cups. You can put it on any bowl that has a diameter between 4 ½ and 4 ¾ inches. The removable silicone band will keep the juicer in place, but is easy to remove when it is time to clean up.

    #3 – Epica Powerful Stainless Steel Whisper-quiet Citrus Juicer-70 Watt Motor

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    If you want a mechanical juicer, this is a great option as it can give you more juice in a shorter amount of time than the competition with its powerful and quiet 70-watt motor. The system has one-touch operation with the auto stop/start feature. There is a high-clearance spout as well as a fine mesh strainer so the flow remains clog-free. The system pours juice right into your glass and there are two different reamers so you can fit citrus fruits of any size.

    #2 – Cuisinart CCJ-500 Pulp Control Citrus Juicer, Brushed Stainless

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    Another of the top 10 best citrus juicers that is mechanical, this one has an auto-reversing reamer and a final spin feature. The unique design of the juicing cone lets you juice big grapefruits, small limes, and everything in between. There is a snap-up spout so dripping isn’t a concern and the brushed metal housing matches any kitchen. It even comes with a recipe book for inspiration. Therefore this is on my list of best citrus juicers.

    #1 – Black & Decker CJ625 30-Watt 34-Ounce Citrus Juicer, White

    best citrus juicers Buy on Amazon

    This 30-watt juicer holds up to 34 ounces of delicious citrus juice so you don’t have to worry about transferring to another pitcher for storage. The auto reversing reamer maximizes the amount of juice extracted. The cone is a standard size to fit most fruit and there is also a stirrer, strainer, and adjustable pulp control. The pour spout is drip-free to minimize mess. Storing this juicer is simple with a spot for the cord to wrap and an included dust cover to protect it from dust in your kitchen or cabinet. Every part in the system is dishwasher safe so you can easily clean up and you don’t have to worry about accidentally cutting yourself as the motor will automatically stop when the fruit is removed and hence we have included it in our list of best citrus juicers.

    The biggest consideration when selecting among the top 10 best citrus juicers is whether you want a product that works with a specific fruit or many. You also want to think about whether you prefer one with built-in storage. After answering those questions, you are ready to make your purchase.

    Features to Consider When Purchasing the best Citrus Juicers:

    When it comes to producing juice, there are a variety of ways to squeeze the juice out of fruits and vegetables. However, the most common is the juicer. For citrus fruits, there is a specific type of juicer geared toward that particular type of fruit. Depending on the juicer, the machine will use spinning, grating, squeezing and pressing techniques to essentially separate the liquid from the rest of the fruit. There will be left over pulp, which can be used for baking or other cooking uses. Below are a few of the features you should consider before you purchase a citrus juicer.

    Automatic or Manual

    Citrus juicers or presses come in two varieties, manual and automatic. The manual juicer requires you to do the work in terms of the squeezing, whereas the automatic will do the work for you.


    The juicer will need to be cleaned after each use, so it is important to determine how easy it is to get the juicer apart for cleaning. You also will want to determine what parts of the juicer, if any, are dishwasher safe. If you do not mind washing them by hand, then that might not be as high a priority, but for most individuals having the dishwasher safe option is important. Keep in mind that the more functions the juicer has, the more parts you are likely going to have to clean.


    Depending on the type of juicer, you might need a more powerful option. Currently, the more you need to the juicer to do, the more power it will take. However, if you purchase a more powerful motor, you should have a motor that lasts longer as a result.

    Noise Levels

    The tradeoff between a higher power motor is that you will typically have more noise as a result. Depending on the automatic juicer, you might be able to get more efficiency out of a smaller motor and thereby reduce the noise. But this depends on the comfortable noise level for you and your home. More powerful motors can usually get the job done quicker, so that might be a reasonable tradeoff for the noise itself.


    The prices will vary widely, but this is mostly based upon the features you choose, as well as the overall quality of the juicer itself. If you choose a manual juice pressing option, then you will be paying less than an automatic juicer. This is due to the increase of machinery and parts. So defining how much citrus juice you will be making and the frequency of use will also be a factor in which citrus juicer you choose.

    Finally, it is important to access how much juice you will make on a regular basis. This will make the difference between what type of juicer you choose and if you want any additional features. The power of the motor will also be a greater factor when you are going to be juicing frequently.

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    Uses and Varieties of Citrus

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