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Top 10 Best Bagel Slicers 2021

    It is possible to cut a bagel in half with a standard kitchen knife, but this method generally creates a large mess. That is why many homeowners who frequently enjoy bagels have started following the example set by restaurants and invested in a bagel slicer. These devices are easy to use and will perfectly cut your bagel every time. It is important to make sure you select one of the top 10 best bagel slicers as they will have quality, long-lasting blades and be easy to maintain. And so here is our best bagel slicer review.

    Table of Content:

    1. List of best bagel slicers.
    2. Detailed review of best bagel slicers.
    3. Factors to consider when buying a bagel slicer.
    4. How to use a bagel slicer or a bagel cutter.

    List of Best Bagel Slicers or Bagel Cutters:

    Lifetime Brands Hoan $$4.9
    Hoan Bagel Biter$$$4.8
    White Plastic and Stainless Steel Bagel Guillotine$$$4.7
    Tablecraft Firm Grip $4.5
    The Sharper Image Precision Cut$4.4
    Larien Products 5400 Commercial $$$4.3
    Bagel Guillotine$$$4.1
    Fox Run$3.9

    Detailed Review of Best Bagel Slicers, Cutters:

    #6 –Larien Products 5400 Commercial Bagel Slicer

    best bagel slicer review Buy on Amazon

    As a commercial bagel slicer, this item is strong enough to withstand daily use and is entirely safe for anyone to use. You don’t have to worry about completely replacing the slicer once your blade gets worn as you can swap out the blade instead. The smart-blade that is included has been coated with non-stick Xylan for better results and easy cleanup.

    #5 – The Sharper Image Precision Cut Bagel Slicer

    best bagel slicer review Buy on Amazon

    As a one handled bagel slicer, this kitchen tool is easy to use, even when you are short on time in the morning. This makes the list of the top 10 best bagel slicers due to its crumb tray that will conveniently slide out to help you clean up. The blade will slice your bagel through in just a single pass and there is a safety lid in place to prevent injury. The non-slip base means you don’t have to worry about the slicer sliding around.

    #4 – Tablecraft Firm Grip Bagel Cutter

    top bagel slicer Buy on Amazon

    This kitchen tool earned a spot on the top 10 best bagel slicers list due to its innovation. The patented design lets you easily slice a bagel with a handheld tool that will fit in any drawer. The black handle has a soft, ergonomic grip that is non-slip for improved safety and comfort. The tool is also dishwasher safe so you don’t have to worry about trying to wash the tight spaces.

    #3 – White Plastic And Stainless Steel Bagel Guillotine

    best bagel slicer review Buy on Amazon

    This is a classic white bagel slicer in the guillotine style which most people generally imagine for these tools. The stainless steel blade is non-stick for better results and has serrated edges so you won’t accidentally smash your bagel instead of slicing it. It is very stable thanks to the wide base and there are clear acrylic guards for safety.

    #2 – Hoan Bagel Biter, Silver

    good bagel slicer review Buy on Amazon

    Despite being a bagel slicer in the classic design, you can place the entire tool in the top rack of your dishwasher for clean up. The blade is made from high carbon stainless steel and has been coated to be non-stick. It also has serrated cutting edges and works equally well for bagels of all sizes. There is a safety shield to prevent injury.

    #1 – LIFETIME Hoan Bagel Biter White – The best Bagel Slicer Cutter Winner

    top bagel slicer Buy on Amazon

    Like most of the other top 10 best bagel slicers, this one has a protective finger guard so you don’t accidentally cut yourself when using the blade in its guillotine action. Simply put the bagel inside the slot, then press the blade down. You can wash the slicer on the top shelf of the dishwasher and the non-stick coated blade makes for clean slices every time.

    Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Bagel Slicer or a Bagel Cutter

    Bagels are a delicious option for any meal of the day. However, to be able to enjoy them, most individuals know they will need some help to get their bagel apart. Hence, the need for a bagel slicer. So what are the most important features to consider when purchasing a bagel slicer? We have listed them below:


    When you are attempting to slice a bagel with a knife, you understand the difficulty, as well as the potential safety issues. Therefore, you want to make sure that your bagel slicer has the appropriate safety features, such as a guard so that the blade cannot cut your hand or finger.


    If you buy larger bagels on a regular basis, then you want to make sure that the bagel slicer you choose can handle the larger bagels. However, if you prefer slightly smaller bagels, then you will need to make sure that your bagel slicer is sized for those smaller ones. The basic size is important, but if you have a variety of bagels that you prefer then the next feature is very important.


    If possible, make sure that the bagel slicer you are choosing is adjustable. This allows you to buy a variety of bagel sizes without worrying about making sure they will fit your slicer. It should be fairly simple to adjust as well. If the controls appear too complicated, you will be less inclined to use it when slicing those larger or smaller bagels.


    When it comes to a decent bagel slicer, you should be looking for value in terms of pricing. If the bagel slicer does not list the size of bagels it can slice, or offer adjustability, then it might not be worth spending the money on. After all, you want to be sure that you will be spending money on a product that will get frequent use in your kitchen.

    Dishwasher Safe

    Over time, your bagel slicer will end up needing to cleaned. Therefore, it is important to determine what your cleaning options are. Can the whole machine be put in the dishwasher to be cleaned or sanitized? Or will you have to take it apart to clean it? Once apart, you want to know what could be put in the dishwasher and what cannot. If it is difficult to clean, then that bagel slicer might not be the best option.

    Replaceable Blades

    In line with easy cleaning, you also need to be able to take the blades out and replace them from time to time. Over time, the blades will become dull and need to be either sharpened or replaced. If the blades cannot be removed, then consider that a disposable bagel slicer. Therefore, if you do not want to regularly replace this piece of equipment in your kitchen, it is important to know if the blades can be replaced. Another important consideration is how easy it is to pull the blades out for replacement or sharpening.

    How to use a bagel slicer or a bagel cutter:

    Here is a detailed video on how to use a bagel slicer or a bagel cutter:

    Whether you eat bagels regularly or only every once in a while, investing in a bagel slicer can make preparing them much easier and more fun. Simply select one of the top 10 best bagel slicers mentioned above and you will be happy with your purchase. All you need to decide is what color and style slicer you want for your home.

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