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Top 9 Best Quesadilla Makers 2021

    Having a quesadilla or tortilla maker on hand is the perfect way to make sure you can always have fresh Mexican food whenever you are in the mood. Both items have thousands of options available, but you want to pick one that is easy to use and clean as well as durable. These top 9 best quesadilla makers will let you make your own fresh delicious quesadillas.

    Table of Content:

    1. Best Quesadilla maker reviews list.
    2. Comparison chart of best tortilla makers
    3. Detailed Review of best Quesadilla makers.
    4. Best Tortilla Press Detailed Review  
    5. How to make the best quesadilla.
    6. Best Cheese to use to make quesadilla.

    Best Quesadilla Maker Reviews 2021 List:

    PictureNameInchesPriceRating (out of 5)
    hamilton-beach-Quesadilla-MakerHamilton Beach 25409 Quesadilla Maker8$$4.9
    best quesadilla makerGeorge Foreman GFQ001 Quesadilla Maker10$$$$4.8
    top rated quesadilla makerEl Paso 10023 Quesadilla Maker8$$$4.8
    good quesadilla makerNostalgia Electrics EQM200 Electric Quesadilla Maker8$$$4.8
    best quesadilla maker reviewsMaxiMatic EQD-118 Elite Cuisine11$$$4.7
    good rated quesadilla makerBELLA 13506 8-inch Quesadilla Maker8$$4.7
    Santa Fe QM2R 10$$$4.6
    Santa Fe12$$$4.5
    Black & Decker8$$$4.4

    Comparison chart of best tortilla makers

    Product imageNameSizePriceRating
    IMUSA, 85008, Cast Iron Tortilla Press8 inches$$4.5
    Victoria 8 inch Cast Iron Tortilla Press and Pataconera8 inches$4.4
    CucinaPro Electric Tortilla Maker10 inches$$$4.4
    HIC Tortilla Press6 inches$4.2

    Detailed Review of Top Rated and Best Quesadilla Makers Including a large quesadilla maker:

    #6 – Nostalgia Electrics EQM200 8-Inch Electric Quesadilla Maker

    best quesadilla maker Buy on Amazon

    This quesadilla maker has an 8 inch griddle with pockets that divide your quesadilla without having to cut it afterwards. The griddles have a non-stick coating for easy clean up and use and you can even use it with thick quesadillas thanks to the locking lid’s two positions. The power light and ready light let you know when the appliance is ready to use or still warm. So this is in our list of best quesadilla makers.

    #5 – Bella 13506 8-inch Quesadilla Maker

    best quesadilla maker reviews

    The Bella Quesadilla Maker offers a few pros for its users, but there are also a few negatives as we cover below.


    The Bella offers non-stick plates, a built-in drip reservoir, power on/off light and a ready light. It also includes El Paso Chile recipes. The Bella is only 4.3 lbs and takes up minimal counter space. There is no on/off switch. The brand comes with a locking latch.

    Cutting the Quesadilla

    This brand includes the cutting tools for the quesadilla, so it is cut while it bakes. However, you might need to use a pizza cutter to finish the job.


    The non-stick plates make is easy to clean, especially while it is still warm. However, they cannot be removed. Additionally, if a quesadilla overflows, then it is hard to get any mess out of the surrounding areas.

    Tortilla Size

    This quesadilla maker can only handle 8-inch tortilla, so it does not offer options in terms of sizes.

    #4 – El Paso 10023 Quesadilla Maker

    el paso top rated quesadilla maker

    The El Paso Quesadilla Maker included in our list of best quesadilla makers comes with a few nice features, but there are also some drawbacks.


    It includes non-stick plates, a built-in drip reservoir, power light, ready light and several recipes. This quesadilla maker is fairly lightweight, about 4.3 lbs. Along with its small dimensions, it takes up minimal counter space.

    Cutting the Quesadilla

    While it does not cut the quesadilla during the cooking process, it does leave creases in the quesadilla that makes it easy to cut after it has finished cooking.


    For cleaning purposes, you will have to use a wet paper towel on the cooking plates, as they are not removable. Therefore, it might be harder to get some cooked on cheese or other food bits off the plates.

    Tortilla Size

    This particular quesadilla maker has a maximum tortilla size of 10 inches. Therefore, if one wants to make larger quesadillas, then you will need to look for one that can handle a larger tortilla.

    #3 – MaxiMatic EQD-118 Elite Cuisine 11-Inch Quesadilla Maker

    11 inch quesadilla maker reviews

    This MaxiMatic offers several important features, but there are also some cons that have been noted by users.


    Nonstick cooking surface makes it easy to clean after cooking. It can be stored upright. This brand offers a drainage rim with grease catching tray. Power and ready lights are also available, along with a locking latch. It weighs in at 5.4 lbs, but it is still small enough to not take up much counter space. There is also no on/off button.

    Cutting the Quesadilla

    This brand offers the ability to automatically slice the quesadillas during the cooking process, which typically takes less than five minutes.


    With non-stick surfaces, it is easy to clean. However, the plates are not removable, for cleaning larger messes.

    Tortilla Size

    This brand can take an 11-inch tortilla as the maximum size, but also works with smaller tortillas and hence its one of the best quesadilla makers.

    #2 – George Foreman GFQ001 Quesadilla Maker

    best quesadilla maker

    Buy on Amazon

    This quesadilla maker has divisions in the form of 6 deep dish pockets that are perfect for separating the quesadilla into pieces without cutting and also ensure that it can hold all of the ingredients you want to fit in your quesadilla. The plates are 10 inches across and will make your quesadilla in under 5 minutes while the nonstick coating makes cleanup easy. The grip on this best quesadilla maker is slip resistant and there are indicator lights for the power and being ready. Hence this is included in our list of best quesadilla makers.


    #1 – Hamilton Beach 25409 Quesadilla Maker

    best electric quesadilla maker

    Buy on Amazon

    This Hamilton Beach quesadilla maker will divide your quesadilla into six wedges for easy eating and sharing. The surface is nonstick so it wipes clean easily. The lid locks in place so you don’t have to worry about a mess and you can store it upright. There are preheat and power lights and these features make this as one of best quesadilla makers. This is also perfect to make gluten free quesadilla as one of the gluten free lunch ideas.

    Best tortilla press detailed review:

    #1 – IMUSA, VICTORIA-85008, Cast Iron Tortilla Press, Black, 8-Inches – The Best Tortilla Maker Winner

    best tortilla makers

    Buy on Amazon

    This is yet another traditional tortilla press that has excellent leverage due to its cast iron structure. This durability makes it perfect for larger quantities and the press was pre-seasoned with a coating made of 100% palm oil. You can use this to make corn or flour tortillas that are up to 8 inches in diameter or make arepas, tostones, or patacones.

    #2 – Victoria Cast Iron Tortilla Press – 8 Inch, Original Made In Colombia, Pataconera

    good tortilla makers Buy on Amazon

    This is another of the top 4 best quesadilla and tortilla makers that has a traditional model and it was actually made in Colombia for true authenticity. The press is made from heavy duty cast iron to make pressing simple and even. You can use it to make tortillas, empanadas, tostones, patacones, arepas, and other similar items. You can select from either a 6.5 inch or 8 inch diameter.

    #3 – CucinaPro 1443 Flatbread And Tortilla Maker

    top tortilla makers

    Buy on Amazon

    This is one of the top 4 best quesadilla and tortilla makers due to its ability to flatten and cook tortillas as well as flatbread or pita. It makes tortillas that are up to 10 inches in diameter and is made from heavy weight aluminum with non-stick coated cooking plates that will evenly bake your grain-product. You can also use it for gyros, quesadillas, tacos, and tostadas. Simply wipe the tortilla maker clean after the ready light has turned off. It can even be stored upright.

    #4 – HIC Tortilla Press

    best tortilla maker

    Buy on Amazon

    This is a traditional tortilla press that is made with long-lasting cast aluminum for extreme durability. It makes tortillas that are up to 6 inches in diameter and will let you easily make homemade tortillas in addition to tacos and empanadas. You should hand wash it, but it can go in the dishwasher.

    Ideally, you should select two items from among the top 9 best quesadilla makers: a tortilla maker and a quesadilla maker. This will let you make quesadillas with all fresh ingredients, including the tortillas. Simply consider how large you want your Mexican food to be and you will be ready to cook.

    How to Make the Best Quesadilla

    Quesadillas are one of the most delicious snack foods around. With the right fillings, they can easily be made into an enjoyable dinner. This is a versatile food that can include a variety of ingredients to meet anyone’s tastes. So how can you make the best cheese quesadilla?

    Best Cheese for Quesadilla:

    As always, the ingredients provide the base for any recipe. While you can use a variety of cheeses, it is important to make sure a cheese that is considered a melting cheese. Examples include cheddar, Monterey Jack and Colby. Using cheeses that are outside of this group will mean that your quesadilla will not hold together well. If you want to add additional ingredients, such as beans, chicken or other vegetables, keep it under ½ cup per quesadilla. Otherwise, you will find that there is not enough cheese to keep all of the filling in between your two tortillas.

    When heating your tortillas, use just enough oil to lightly coat the pan. Do not use too much more or you will find that the tortillas will be soggy instead of crisp and lightly browned. Other important tip is to warm your ingredients prior to adding them between the two tortillas. After all, the tortillas will only be on the heat long enough to melt the cheese, so the ingredients might not be heated all the way through if they are not heated prior to building your quesadilla.

    Heat a skillet, then coat it lightly with oil. Add one tortilla and then coat it with your cheese of choice. Then add roughly ½ cup of your filling. Remember, the filling can be a combination of a variety of ingredients, but they need to be well mixed prior to adding them to the tortilla. Make sure the filling is spread evenly across the tortilla. Then add a small amount of cheese and the second tortilla. Check the bottom tortilla and when it browns lightly, carefully flip the quesadilla and brown the other side. Use your spatula to press the quesadilla down, making sure the cheese binds it together thoroughly.

    Once you have browned both sides and the cheese is thoroughly melted, remove from the pan and then slice into wedges. Add to a plate with your favorite salsa or dipping sauce and then serve.

    While it might seem that a crispy tortilla is created through more fat or oil, but when building quesadillas, less is best. Yet, you want to make sure to have a sufficient coating to insure that the tortillas do not burn during the heating process. Also, prior to cooking the next quesadilla, be sure to wipe the pan clean and add a fresh dab of oil. By doing so, you will avoid burning the next quesadilla due to a lack of oil. It will also help you to avoid having the pan overheated.

    Quesadillas are a simple and delicious dish that can easily be tailored to fit anyone’s taste. So choose your favorite leftover ingredients and a quality melting cheese, then get busy building amazing quesadillas!

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