Top 10 Best Steamers of 2021

Steamers let you cook vegetables and other foods without any oil or fat, so you can eat a healthy and delicious meal. There are several types of steamers including electric ones which are standalone units and steaming pans that you place over a standard pot on your stove. Electric ones have the added benefit of not taking up any room on your stove and there are many different styles available. These top 10 best steamers are durable and have great features.

List Of Top 10 Best Steamers

PictureNameCapacityNumber Of Tier And Rice Bowl Dishwasher-safePriceRating
Oster CKSTSTMD5-W5-Quart 2 tierYes$$4.9
Hamilton Beach6-Quart 2 tier and 1 rice bowlYes$$$4.8
Black & Decker HS10507-Quart 2 tier, 1 rice bowl and egg nesting basketYes$$$4.7
VonShef7-Quart 3 tier and 1 rice bowlYes$$$4.6
Oster 57116.1-Quart2 tier and egg holdersYes$$$4.5
T-fal VC13384-Quart2 tiers with one containing a removable plate for larger itemsInformation not provided$$$4.5
Gourmia GFS-3009.5 Quart3 tier and Includes bonus rice and grain steamerInformation not provided$$$4.4
BELLA 138727-Quart 2 tier and 5 cup capacity rice bowlYes$$$4.2
Ovente FS53WInformation not provided3 tier and 1 rice bowlYes$4.1
Aroma Housewares5-Quart1 tier and includes Steam Tray, Steamer Lid, Drip Tray and Steam BowlYes$$$4.0

Detailed Review Of Top 5 Best Steamers

#5 – Oster 5711 Mechanical Food Steamer, White


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This is one of the top 10 best steamers because it begins to generate the steam in under a minute so you don’t have to wait for the cooking to begin. The steamer can hold a total of 6.1 quarts in a double-tiered pattern (3 ⅘ quarts and 2 3/10 quarts bowls)to work for multiple foods of different types at once. The auto shut-off setting helps with safety while the 75-minute timer adds to the system’s convenience. The external reservoir is see-through so you can make sure the steaming is steady and there are also collapsible steaming trays and 8 egg holders.

#4 – VonShef 7 Quart Digital 3 Tier Food Steamer Stainless Steel – Includes Rice Steamer Bowl


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This steamer has a very large 7-quart capacity divided into 3 steam baskets which can be stacked. The LED display lets you easily keep an eye on your food’s progress so you can make healthy and nutritious meals. It works for vegetables, rices, meat, fish, and other items and has a timer with a built-in bell function so you know when your food is done. There are also 7 programs and a pre-setting function and the parts are dishwasher safe.

#3 – Black & Decker HS1050 7-Quart Food Steamer, White


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This is another 7-quart unit among the top 10 best steamers and it is divided into two baskets, holding 3 and 4 quarts each. There is also a nesting basket for 12 eggs and a rice bowl that fits 5 cups. The water window and external water fill inlet let you keep an eye on the steam production while the 75-minute timer includes a ready bell. There is even a Flavor Scenter screen so you can add herbs and spices while your food cooks.

#2 – Hamilton Beach Digital Steamer


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Although this is another steamer with a two-tiered design, it is unique in that the divider can be removed so you can fit larger foods inside. Once your food is ready, the unit will automatically switch to warming mode so the items don’t overcook or cool down. It works with a range of items, such as fish, lobster, broccoli, and corn on the cob.

#1 – Oster CKSTSTMD5-W 5-Quart Food Steamer, White


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Leading the list of the top 10 best steamers is this Oster unit. With a 5-quart capacity, it holds enough for most people and is able to offer an affordable price. There are two transparent steaming bowls and an automatic timer for up to 60 minutes. When the cycle is done or all water has evaporated, the system automatically shuts off. To make it easier to use and clean, there is a power indicator light and the majority of the components are dishwasher safe.

Any of these top 10 best steamers will let you easily cook healthy meals at home with minimal effort. These units are fairly similar in terms of capacity and features so you simply need to decide if you need a 7-quart unit and how long of a timer you need. Also think about whether you would like additional features such as an indicator light and automatically switching to warming once the cooking time is done.

Easy Steamer Recipes

Here are few recipes which  can be made using food steamer. Eat healthy and oil free food by making steamed food yet delicious.

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