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Debbie Meyer Green Bags Reviews & Better Alternatives

    Debbie Meyer Green Bags: Green Baggies vs. Cotton Bags

    When I’ve recently come across Debbie Meyer green bags, my first intention was to immediately try them out since the commercial promised to prolong the produce shelf life and keep it fresh up to one month. However, I didn’t do it since I’m trying to go plastic-free and use every single opportunity to reduce the waste that is dangerous for the environment.

    We would recommend buying a reusable cotton produce bags instead of the Debbie Meyer bags because muslin cotton has better properties that bags made from plastic. Below is the bag that we recommend.

    best cotton produce bags

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    Do Debbie Meyer Green Bags Really Work?

    • They probably do lower ethylene concentration.
      Since green baggies contain elements absorbing the ethylene (also known as ‘ripening gas’) which is considered to be the major cause of fruits and vegetables going bad, it looks like these bags can reduce the concentration of this gas to some extent. So, if you compare them with conventional plastic bags, they do probably extend the shelf life. However, you can get the same result if you have a bag that is perfectly ventilated, like a cotton bag which is much more eco-friendly. Besides, a cotton bag lasts longer which means you can save a couple of bucks in the end.
    • They work differently with different fruits and veggies.
      While ripening gas is not the only reason why produce spoils, you might be unpleasantly surprised with some kinds of fruits and vegetables. Some berries, like strawberries for example, normally mold long before the fruit itself spoils. Another problem these bags won’t solve is additional moisture. Since ‘Debbies’ are plastic bags, they will eventually cause condensation which is no good for any kind of produce if you want to keep it fresh. That’s why I’d still prefer using a cotton bag or leaving the produce in the open.

    Comparison Chart of Debbie Meyer Green Bags

    PictureNameBPA freePriceRating
    Debbie Meyer GreenBagsYes$$4.7
    Debbie Meyer GreenBags (Various Sizes, 10-Pack)Yes$4.7
    Debbie Meyer Green Bags, Large, 10-PackYes$$$4.4
    Debbie Meyer GeniusVac BagsNot listed$$$3.9
    Debbie Meyer Cold Cut BagsNot listed$$$3.9

    Better Alternative to Debbie Meyer Green Bags is a reusable cotton bag made from 100% organic cotton which is biodegradable, recyclable and environment-friendly. We would recommend the below bag:
    Organic Cotton Mart Reusable Produce Bags (Set of 6):
    best cotton produce bags

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    Debbie Meyer Green Bags: Customer Reviews 

    1. Debbie Meyer Freshness-Preserving Food/Flower Storage Green Bags

    debbie meyer produce bags review

    If I ever go back to plastic packaging to store fruits and vegetables, this set of eight medium, eight large, and four extra-large bags would probably be my best choice. First of all, the bags are BPA-free and are made of food-grade polyethylene. This set is comparatively cheap while the bags can be reused up to ten times. So if you don’t have any better alternative to a conventional plastic produce bag, this set might be an option.

    On the Web, I found many useful reviews on these bags revealing both the strong and the weak sides of these items. The majority of users preferred to use the bags to store greens such as lettuce, celery, and broccoli. With them, it looks like the bag can provide almost two weeks of freshness. However, some fruits like the banana for example, might look good on the outside while being already bad inside.

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    2. Debbie Meyer Green Storage Bags 10-Pack

    debbie meter storage bags review

    This set of bags contains five medium and five large bags which are quite convenient if you need to place various amounts of fruits and veggies to have them handy in your fridge or kitchen pantry. In my opinion, these bags could be useful if you go picnicking and want to have your fruits and veggies ready-to-use right out of the picnic bag. For longer storage periods, however, I’d better use a cotton bag to avoid condensation causing decay.

    A lot of users have found the bags useful and convenient to store produce in the freezer. Yet, many also admit fruits and vegetables would normally last no longer than ten days in them even if placed in the crisper. Generally, these bags are much better than conventional plastic, but if you’re out for a longer storage period, I’d say you consider bags that are more organic.

    Click here to find out more about this item.

    3. Debbie Meyer Green Bags Large 10-Pack

    debbie meyer green bag reviews

    If you don’t have cotton bags handy, these green bags by Debbie Meyer can be a lenient alternative especially if you don’t plan to store your produce in them for too long. In this set, you will find ten large bags (17-inches by 12-inches) which will perfectly fit larger items such as cabbage, beets, or lettuce. Since the bags are reusable up to 8-10 times, you will always find their use in the household.

    While the majority of customer reviews prove these bags are much better than conventional plastic baggies you can get at your local grocery, they usually don’t recommend using them for berries or anything else that might spoil in less than four days. I also found a couple of reviews proving that one should avoid using these bags with wet produce since they cannot discard excessive moisture (like any plastic bag).

    Learn more about this item on Amazon.

    4. Debbie Meyer Genius Vac Bags

    debbie meyer genius vac bags review

    Should I use these bags to store my food supplies in the freezer, I’d probably choose the Genius Vac set that offers twenty 7,5 inches by 8 inches bags. One of the greatest advantages these bags offer is the possibility to use them with the HandiVac systems allowing to get rid of air and prolong the shelf life of your produce. However, if you don’t plan to freeze the supplies, you’d better use organic cotton bags to provide maximum ventilation.

    Most users chose these Vac bags due to their comfortable size, ease of use and the possibility to plan their meals. They are a great option for traveling, camping, and other activities that do not require longer food storage periods. While I would recommend using these bags for freezing foods, it’s better to have cotton bags if you plan to store foods in the open.

    Go here for further info on this item.

    5. Debbie Meyer Cold Cut Bags

    debbie meyer bags review

    In this set, you will find twelve reusable green bags (8 inches by 12 inches) with locking closures which will perfectly fit most kinds of fish and meats. The good thing about these bags is that they are reusable, so you can be a bit friendlier to the environment if no greener option is at hand.  In my opinion, these plastic bags are good for freezing, but if you just need to chill the meat produce in the crisper, I’d rather use paper packing.

    Most users who have opted for these bags for cold cuts state they are comfy and easy to use. Many use to take pre-sliced products out of their original packaging and lay it in these bags to keep them moist, fresh, and free of oxygen for longer shelf life.

    Look here for further details on this item.

    Bottom Line

    As for me, the Debbie Meyer green bags live up to the advertising. At some point, it looks like they can prolong the shelf life of certain products, however, there’re many exceptions. Would I buy them? Probably not, not only because I prefer much more eco-friendly cotton storage bags, but also because I try to eat everything I bring home within a couple of days.

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