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How to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient [Infographic]

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Everyone wants to save money where they can and when it comes to the energy used in our homes, utility bills can be sky-high, especially in cold weather conditions. Luckily, there are many different ways to conserve the energy you use in your home and to optimize the energy

[Infographic] 15 Ways to Reduce Energy Waste and Decrease your Utility Bills

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An enormous amount of energy is wasted in the home of the average American. In fact, the United States wastes enough energy in one year to power all of the U. K. for seven years. This waste costs the U.S. about a 130 billion dollars annually, and this is

Seven Practical Ways to Save Electricity in Your Home

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Everyone continually looks for ways in which they can save money. Saving money around the house is especially important, because that is one area in which we have some degree of control. The power bill is one of the major household expenses, so it is an area in which

10 Best WiFi Thermostats Reviews On The Market – A Detailed Review

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Have you considered having your home already at the right temperature when you walk in from a long day’s work? How nice it would be not to have to wait on the furnace or air conditioner for you to be comfortable? You definitely need one of the best wifi