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Best Vacuum Cleaner Under $200 in 2021

    top rated vacuums under $200

    When shopping for the best vacuum cleaner under $200, there are certain elements you want to look for. Vacuums come in all shapes in sizes, and it will depend on your wants and needs. The areas that you are cleaning will also determine what the best vacuum cleaner under $200 is for you.

    There are various types of vacuums, which includes uprights, canister, wet and dry, stick, hand held and cordless. All of them offer different benefits, and come with a number of features. It is important that you determine your needs, and seek the best vacuum cleaner under $200 with features to help you receive the best cleaning experience possible.

    Attachments can make a huge difference in the way you use your vacuum. Jobs that you once found impossible, become possible with the right attachments. When choosing a vacuum, determine the areas in your home that you will be cleaning. If you have a lot of furniture, stairs and hardwood surfaces, look for a vacuum that can accommodate those needs.

    The best vacuum cleaner under $200 is one that will help you clean all areas of your home with ease.

    Table of Content:

    1. Comparison Chart Of The Best Vacuum Cleaner Under $200.
    2. Review Of The Top 9 Of The Best Vacuum Cleaner Under $200.
    3. How to Properly Maintain Your Vacuum Cleaner.
    4. How to Keep Your Vacuum Cleaner Clean (a Video)
    5. Vacuuming Ideas to Keep Your House Clean (a Video)

    Comparison Chart Of The Best Vacuum Cleaner Under $200.

    under-200-vacuum-cleaner-1Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright (NV356E)YesYes$$$4.6
    top vacuum under $200Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS 8 Pound Commercial Upright VacuumNoYes$$$4.5
    best vacuum under $200ArmorAll AA255 Utility Wet/Dry Vacuum, 2.5 gallonYesYes$$4.4
    top rated vacuum under $200Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum CleanerNoYes$$$4.4
    good vacuum under $200Electrolux Ergorapido Lithium Ion Brushroll Clean Xtra 2-in-1 Handheld VacuumNoYes$$$4.3
    best bisell vacuum under $200BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Corded Vacuum, 81L2A NoYes$$4.3
    best vacuum under $200Sanitaire SC679J Commercial Shake Out Bag Upright Vacuum Cleaner with 5 Amp MotorNoYes$$$4.3
    BISSELL 9595AYesYes$$4.2
    VonHaus YesNot listed$$4.2

    Review Of The Top 9 Of The Best Vacuum Cleaner Under $200.

    #7 Sanitaire SC679J Commercial Shake Out Bag Upright Vacuum Cleaner with 5 Amp Motor

    best vacuum cleaner under $200The Commercial Shake Out Bag by Sanitaire weighs only 12 pounds. This lightweight vacuum has a 5 amp motor, which allows you to efficiently clean 120 cubic feet per minute. Highlighted in this vacuum is the fact that the Tietex Fabric Shake-Out Bag is reusable. This helps decrease maintenance costs.

    The handle is easy to grip, and contains an automatic locking system. The system is unlocked with the use of the foot pedal. Easy to store, and clean hard to reach areas. Noted for superior air quality, and has a 30 foot cord. Having a long cord allows you to cover more area without switching plugs.


    • Weighs 12 Pounds
    • Tietex Fiber Shake-Out Bag
    • 5 Amp Motor
    • Automatic Handle Locking System
    • Easy Storage And Drops Down Flat For Easy Cleaning.

    #6 BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Corded Vacuum, 81L2A 

    top rated vacuum cleaner under $200Bissell designed a one of a kind V-Shape Vac, which is ideal for cleaning the edges. This powerful vacuum has the ability to rid your surfaces of large and fine debris, without the use of a brushroller. The Vee edges have the ability to scoop up all the large particles, so they enter the path of the center suction. Fine particles are taken care of by the suction in the V-arms.

    Equipped to tackle tough debris that other vacuum cleaners leave behind, such as pet hair and dander. Ensures that the legs of furniture, and baseboards are thoroughly cleaned, as well. The PowerEdge by Bissle is bagless, uses cyclonic technology and has a swivel head. The lightweight design makes it easy to navigate as you clean. This is also one of the best vacuums for tile floors and pet hair.


    • Efficiently Cleans Along Edges.
    • Maneuvers Large Debris In The Path Of Center Suction.
    • Swivel Head
    • 20 Inch Power Cord
    • Bagless
    • Cyclonic Technology

    #5 Electrolux Ergorapido Lithium Ion Brushroll Clean Xtra 2-in-1 Handheld Vacuum

    best vacuum cleaner under $200This cordless vacuum runs on a Lithium Ion battery, and offers two devices in one design. Perfect for cleaning bare floors, and the 14.4 volt Lithium Turbo Power Battery allows the vacuum to clean for longer periods of time before needing to charge. It also has a fast charge, which is ideal if needing a little more power to clean an area.

    Erorapido by Electrolux is designed with a patented self-cleaning brushroller, that is equipped to remove tangled hair from the roller by pressing a button. Comes with a crevice tool and dusting brush. Easy to maneuver, and great solution for those hard to reach areas. There is a detachable handheld vacuum included, which is great for stairs and furniture. Because of its price this vacuum is also one of the best vacuum cleaner under $200.


    • 14.4 Volt Lithium Turbo Power Battery
    • Fast Charge
    • Patented Self-Cleaning Brushroller
    • Easy Steer
    • Detachable Handheld Vacuum

    #4 Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

    ideal vacuum cleaner under $200Hoover is highly known for their WindTunnel Technology. The Linx is the first stick vacuum to contain this technology, which gives more power to this cordless vac. It is powered by an 18 volt Lithium-Ion Battery. The brushroller has an off switch, which allows you to clean bare floors with ease.

    It contains a Cyclonic Filtration system, allowing less particles to enter the air as you vacuum. The edge cleaning bristles help get hard to reach areas that other vacuum cleaners leave untouched. The Linx has a wide mouth opening, to clean more space in shorter amounts of time. This is also one of the best cordless vacuum for hardwood floors and pet hair.


    • Cordless
    • Bagless
    • WindTunnel Technology
    • 18 Volt Lithium Ion Battery
    •  Switch Off Motorized Brush
    • 11 Inch Wide Nozzle
    • Edge Cleaning Bristles
    • Battery Fuel Gauge

    #3 ArmorAll AA255 Utility Wet/Dry Vacuum, 2.5 gallon

    good vacuum cleaner under $200The Utility Wet and Dry Vac by ArmorAll is compact, but very robust. It has a 2 HP motor, and is designed to tackle the toughest jobs. This versatile vac has a blower function that makes it ideal for cleaning and drying.

    There is an easy transport handle located on the top of the vacuum. Has a 2.5 polypropylene tank, which is ideal for house and garage use. The power cord is 10 feet long, and the hose is 6 feet. There is a built in air and noise diffuser, which will decrease the noise the vac produces. ArmorAll included an auto-shut off, which will not allow the tank to overflow.


    • Wet And Dry Debris
    • 2.5 Gallon Tank
    • 2 Horsepower Motor
    • 6 Foot Hose
    • 10 Foot Cord
    • Auto Shut Off

    #2 Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS 8 Pound Commercial Upright Vacuum

    top best vacuum cleaner under $200The Oreck Commercial is one of the best vacuum cleaner under $200. It weighs only 8 pounds, and has a 12 inch cleaning path. This vacuum is great on any surface, and has been noted for its low pile carpet clean up. Oreck is a name that is known for quality, and they included all the essential features consumers love.

    The handle is easy to grip, and ideal for those dealing with arthritis. The on and off switch is conveniently located on the handle. It automatically adjusts to the surface you are cleaning, which makes it easy to transition between rooms. For a deep clean, Oreck included a balanced brushroller with double helix. Small and easy to store. Ideal for those who live in tight areas.


    • 12 Inch Cleaning Path
    • Easy To Grip Handle
    • On And Off Switch On The Handle
    • Only 8 Pounds
    • Balanced Brushroller With Double Helix

    #1 Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright (NV356E).

    best vacuum cleaner under $200The Shark Navigator uses 1200 watts of power to clean any surface within your home. It is easy to maneuver with swivel steering. Overall, the Navigator only weighs 14 pounds. Shark included no suction loss technology, as well as HEPA And Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology.

    An 8 inch crevice tool, dusting brush, pet hair power brush, dust away hard floor attachment and 1 microfiber pad are all included. The Cyclonic technology will prevent dirt from clogging the filter, and has an easy to empty dust cup. Ideal for cleaning stairs, upholstery, carpet and bare flooring.

    The Shark Navigator is one of the best vacuum cleaner under $200, for all of its advance technologies and usability features. This can also be one of the best vacuum for stairs.


    • No Suction Loss Technology
    • Lightweight
    • HEPA And Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology
    • Attachments
    • Easy To Maneuver
    • Swivel Steering

    How to Properly Maintain Your Vacuum Cleaner

    Purchasing a vacuum cleaner is an investment that will last you a long time if maintained properly. It is an important cleaning tool that will keep the flooring, upholstery and furniture in your home looking fresh and clean. Therefore, you want to purchase a quality vacuum that can take care of all your cleaning needs.

    However, if a vacuum cleaner is not maintained correctly, it cannot efficiently clean your home. There are some regular maintenance tasks you can do to help keep your vacuum cleaner performing at peak levels.

    Here are some tips to help keep your vacuum cleaner maintained.

    Canister or Bags

    You should make it a habit to clean out the canister each time you use the vacuum cleaner. If your vacuum takes a bag, ensure that you change it when it is ½ way full or torn. By cleaning the canister or changing out the bag regularly, your vacuum cleaner will have better air flow. This will help deter dust particles that are released by your vacuum.


    Depending on the type of vacuum cleaner that you have, you will need to change or clean the filters. Some vacuums come with washable filters, which cuts down on maintenance cost. Keeping your filter system clean will help the vacuum run more efficiently. If the filters are clogged, it will affect the vacuum suction. High efficiency bags or filter will help reduce pollutants released in the air.


    Broken belts need to be changed, but you also need to regularly change the belt even if it is not broken. It is recommended that you change your vacuum belt every 3 months to a year. Belts that are loose or worn out will not allow the brushroller to function correctly. If you are using Sprocketed belts, then you only need to change the belt every one to two years. This type of belt is more durable.


    Look over your vacuum cleaner thoroughly to ensure everything is functioning correctly. Remove any strings that are caught up on the brushroller. Clean any debris that is around the bearings, as this will hinder movement and add strain to the motor. If the brushroller appears worn out, replacing it could rejuvenate the way your vacuum performs. Also, ensure that the brushroller is spinning correctly.

    Cord and Plug

    Ensure there are no issues with the cord or plug. If wiring is exposed, then it needs to be repaired. This could be a potential hazard risk. If you smell the vacuum burning, do not use it. Have it inspected by a repair shop. After every use, the vacuum cleaner should always be unplugged. Properly store the vacuum cleaner by neatly wrapping up the cord. Most vacuums contain a reeling system that your cord wraps around.

    Inside and Out

    From time to time you should thoroughly wipe down the vacuum with a damp cloth. This will include the inside and out. This will help free any dirt and debris that has accumulated in and on the vacuum.

    Large or Metal Objects

    Avoid trying to vacuum up large or metal objects. These types of objects could cause issues with the fan assembly or motor. This will decrease the life of your vacuum cleaner.

    Wet carpet

    Regular vacuum cleaners are not equipped to care for wet carpet. Therefore, you should avoid any wet areas when using your vacuum. There are wet and dry vacs that allow you to vacuum wet or dry areas.


    It is always a good idea to follow through with servicing your vacuum cleaner every one to two years. This will prolong its life, and your vacuum will perform at peak levels regularly.


    Inspect the floor-head for any blockages. This is the part of the vacuum that has main contact with the floor. You can view this area by flipping the vacuum upside down, and looking underneath. You will see anything that needs unclogging.

    How to Keep Your Vacuum Cleaner Clean


    Vacuuming Ideas to Keep Your House Clean

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