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Best Reusable Lunch Bags – For Kids & Adults – Washable Lunch Bags

    Increasingly we see that the environmental consciousness amongst people is rising. From avoiding plastic bags to going for eco-friendly disposable dining ware for picnics, it is all about adopting the green theme. The lunch bags too have been part of this change with the development of some reusable lunch bags. Reuse, recycle are the primary themes deciding both their make as well as their durability.

    In fact, if you see, investing in reusable lunch bags is not just more eco-friendly but easier on the pocket too. Suddenly, the lunch bag expense becomes a one-time spend rather than an incremental one. These are mostly dishwasher and microwave safe, and as a result, it makes cleaning and maintaining them equally easy.

    These reusable bags are extremely handy and easy to clean, but often, the problem is choosing the right one. Given the huge demand for these bags, today you have myriad designs and shapes available. Choosing the most appropriate one is the biggest tussle. So, we decided to shortlist some of the best options available for you. We have tried to create a comprehensive list in terms of size, material, durability as well as the overall quality of the bag. Pricing too is taken into consideration for better analysis.

    Table Of Content:

    1. Detailed Review Of The Best Reusable Lunch Bags
    2. What To Look For And Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Reusable Lunch Bags
    Organic Cotton Mart Eco-Friendly Lunch BagsWater Resistant$13.874.8
    Fidus Insulated Fashional Reusable Water-resistant Cooler Tote Lunch BagReinforced seams in handles$15.995.0
    Wishbax Reusable Lunch BagAdjustable Shoulder Strap$20.395.0
    Bumkins Reusable Snacks BagBPA-free$8.954.6
    Langsprit Premium Reusable Sandwich & Snacks BagWaterproof PUL Fabric$10.974.5
    2nd Childhood Reusable Lunch Snack BagFoldable, large capacity$19.994.6
    QOGiR Reusable Snacks & Sandwich Bags With HandlePVC-free, Lead-free$9.974.6

    Detailed Review of the Best Reusable Lunch Bags

    1. Organic Cotton Mart Eco-Friendly Canvas Lunch Bags

    This organic bag is one of the best reusable lunch bag options for adults and kids alike. Whether you prefer the minimalist look or like the spacious design, this is a type of bag that has many admirers. Both in terms of reliability as well as the relative functionality of this bag, it wins hands down. It is durable, affordable and delivers absolute value for money in terms of absolute versatility.

    canvas lunch bag

    The unisex design makes it a great option for both men and women. This bag is made of 100% organic cotton and has the GOTS certification. It is unbleached and contains ZERO dyes, phthalates, BPA, lead, or toxins. This, no doubt, adds a definitive degree of health and reliability, especially if you are using it for packing kid’s lunch. The global recognition of quality also goes a long way in enhancing the credibility of this product amongst users.

    This bag also comes with a snap closure feature, and that adds to its utility value by many notches. It ensures there is no spillover. This is also a relatively easy to clean and dry option, which improves the overall hygiene factor associated with these lunch bags.

    1. Fidus Insulated Fashional Reusable Water-resistant Cooler Tote Lunch Bag

    This premium bag is undeniably one of the best reusable lunch bags that you can opt for. It is made of durable quality fabric that is both dirt and water resistant. The reinforced seams and handles improve the versatility of this bag to a large extent.

    The heavy-duty metal zipper makes this a rather spill-proof option and ensures that you can comfortably store things inside without worrying about them falling off. This eco-friendly bag is also high on health. It is a non-toxic, BPA-free option with aluminium foil that ensures that the food is fresh even after 6 hours.

    reusable lunch bag

    Both in terms of dimension and overall application, it is a user-friendly option that goes a long way in making it a popular choice. Despite the unique design, it is fairly easy to clean this bag, and this keeps the hygiene element intact.

    The removable adjustable shoulder strap is another important factor that is associated with it. It gives you two flexible options to carry the bag around. You can either use the shoulder straps or just the handle. This lunch bag is so designed that it can double up as a shopping bag too at times.

    1. Wishbax Reusable Lunch Bag

    This is one of the most conventionally designed reusable lunch bags. In terms of functionality and versatility, it continues to be amongst the top contenders. Also, you can consider it the best option both in terms of quality and affordability. Leak-proof, water-resistant and fashionable, this bag can become an important addition to your office accessories.

    Wishbax Reusable Lunch Bag

    Lightweight and spacious, this lunch bag comes in a variety of color options. That makes it an ideal alternative for both men and women. The insulation ensures that your food remains fresh as well as warm/cold. The adjustable buckle ensures that you can easily adjust the buttons as per your convenience.

    1. Bumkins Reusable Snacks Bag

    The Bumkins bags are definitively striking for the cute prints. Their functionality and versatility further add to their appeal and makes them one of the best reusable lunch bags that you can carry around. The bag is so sleek in shape that it can easily slip into your bag or the kid’s school bags without taking up a lot of space.

    Bumkins Reusable Snacks Bag

    This is a 100% washable BPA safe bag that keeps your food fresh for extended hours. As a result, it becomes an economical and eco-friendly alternative to your single-use plastic bags that are available more commonly. It is also BPA-free and lead-free and can be used to store cosmetics or other knick-knacks while traveling.

    1. Langsprit Premium Reusable Sandwich & Snacks Bag

    This set of 3 bags is one of the best reusable lunch bags both for its versatility and the overall cute quotient. This is ideal for carrying light snacks or a small sandwich or such items. It is made of food-safe PUL fabric that promises both durability as well as hygiene. This is what makes it a multifunctional option as well.

    Langsprit Premium Reusable Sandwich & Snacks Bag

    It is a safe and durable bag that is also fairly easy to carry just about anywhere. Given the quality of the fabric, this is also very simple to wash and dry.

    1. 2nd Childhood Reusable Lunch Snack Bag

    The bright red color is a decided game changer. Foldable, reusable and utterly handy, this reusable lunch bag is all about convenience and quality clubbed together.

    But don’t get fooled by the sleek design. It is extremely spacious despite the design, and whether you need it to carry lunch or just light snacks, it serves the purpose equally well in an absolutely meaningful fashion.

    2nd Childhood Reusable Lunch Snack Bag

    The napkin and additional storage pockets are like a bonus with this bag. It is bundled with a variety of user-friendly features that enhance its appeal and charm to a large extent. The overall affordability despite an array of these features further enhances the lure of this bag.

    1. QOGiR Reusable Snack Bags Sandwich Lunch Bags with Handle

    This stain-resistant, non-toxic reusable lunch bag is undoubtedly one of the best options available now. Sleek, trendy and absolutely functional, this is a type of bag that does not help you carry your lunch conveniently but also adds to the style quotient. Often these interesting prints can motivate kids to finish their lunch faster.

    This is a PVC-free, Lead-free option that maximizes the health element and offers you a hygienic way to carry your lunch. It is the type of bag that is both reusable and extremely durable. That essentially means irrespective of the times you clean or use the bag; it guarantees great quality and reliability every time.

    QOGiR Reusable Snack Bags Sandwich Lunch Bags with Handle

    Extremely versatile and multifunctional, this bag can easily fit in any type of tote bags or even the kid’s school bag and does not add to their load. The size options also ensure that you can use different variants for carrying different types of food articles without any problem.

    The 100% money back and lifetime guarantee also add a definitive degree of credibility and assurance about the product.  It gives customers the much-needed guarantee that they are putting in their money for a reliable and dependable product.

    What To Look For And Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Reusable Lunch Bags

    As you can see, there are many factors responsible when you are deciding on the most appropriate reusable lunch bags. While price and individual preferences are important, there are some crucial factors that have to be considered. That alone will make sure that you have a useful and noteworthy buy.

    • Size: Just like plastic bags, these reusable lunch bags are available in a wide variety of sizes. There is a distinctive use for every size. Very small sized ones are better for carrying light snacks and the larger ones appropriate for carrying more food. So you have to make a relative comparison of space and size options. Also, look at the relative pricing. Sometimes a 2/3 pack small-sized bag may be cheaper than one big one. If you think, multiple small ones can suffice for you; this will make more sense. So you have to combine the relative value with the various sizes.
    • Space: This is a rather subjective choice. Different users may have different requirements. So many carry just snacks while others may need a bigger one for carrying sandwiches or wraps. So carefully consider the size that offers you the best space and take a call based on the relative pricing for the same. That will optimize the relative value.
    • Durability: This is by far one of the most important aspects of a great reusable lunch bag. The bag should be able to withstand the day to day wear and tear as well as a constant wash after every use. That is what will justify spending those extra bucks for these reusable bags. This durability is directly proportional to the material used for the bags. You have the option of using silicon or even cloth bags depending on what works best for you.
    • Design: The design of the lunch bag has to be such that easily fits into any bag and does not jut out. Moreover, the space or capability of the bag should not be compromised with. It is important that the design is such that every aspect of the lunch bag’s utility value is properly highlighted. That is what will ensure value for money proposition.
    • Ease Of Cleaning: Now who likes to carry lunch in a bag which develops moss in the corner? Apart from the potential health hazards, it also goes against the basic hygiene necessary. That is why it is always important to opt for alternatives that can be simply tossed into the washing machine or rinsed with hot water. Also, these need to be stitched in a way that you can easily turn it upside down while cleaning. Also, make sure there is no scope of the food being stuck in corners at any time.
    • Water Resistant: This is another important feature. This is what makes the reusable lunch bag relatively versatile and more flexible. This makes it possible to carry these just about anywhere without worrying about the food getting spoilt or wet. That also ensures that you can extract better value for the money you pay.


    Therefore, the search for the best reusable lunch bags is all about combining quality and necessity along with the pricing. It is never advisable to make a choice based on what others opted for. Different people have different lunch preferences. These reusable lunch bags need to meet these individual needs most importantly. That will ensure that you have a value for money proposition to start with.

    In case, you are too confused about what to choose, go through this handy list and easy guide, and decide on the most appropriate option. Our guide does not just help you shortlist a few alternatives but also helps you understand what to keep in mind while looking for the best reusable lunch bags. We offer you options that cater to every need and every type of budget.

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