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10 Best Best Portable Icemaker

    For many people, especially those who live in warm or hot climates, a steady supply of ice cubes or crushed ice is a necessity. In many locations during the summer, the ground water gets tepid. To be drinkable it needs to be chilled. Filling a glass with ice before filling it with water is the simplest way to chill the water. Most people like to use ice in other drinks, too, such as iced tea, coffee, fruit juices, and soda pop. If you like to make smoothies in your blender, ice is usually a needed ingredient. Making homemade sherbets, ice cream, or fruit ices requires a good amount of ice, also.

    Keeping a supply of ice in your freezer can sometimes be a challenge. Buying a bag of ice at the store is all right, but depending upon how far away from the store you live, the ice could be starting to melt before you get it home. You have to also make sure that it’s the very last thing you purchase just before going home, especially in hot weather. If you live twenty miles or more from town, this can get to be a real problem.

    Storing ice at home can be a problem, too, if the only freezer you have is the one that is part of the refrigerator. Frozen foods will likely use up all of that space. If you live in a small home or apartment, you may not have room for an extra freezer. So what is the solution for your problem of ice shortage? The best portable icemaker may be just the thing for you to solve the issue of frequently running short on ice.

    A portable icemaker can also make a great addition to your workplace lunchroom or break room. Happy employees are productive employees, and if having ice at the ready for their water or other liquids is one thing that keeps them happy, then you may want to seriously consider getting one.

    A portable icemaker is a handy appliance to take in your RV, up to your lake or beach cabin, or to set out on the patio when you’re having guests over. There are so many uses for an icemaker that your only decision will be which one to purchase.

    A portable icemaker will sit atop your kitchen counter, table, or if necessary for lack of room in the kitchen, you could even put it out into the garage or shed. Some are large enough to be free-standing on the floor. Having your own icemaker means never needing run out of ice again. So what should you look for when considering the purchase of a home icemaker?

     Comparison chart of best portable icemaker

    Product imageNameCapacityVoltageTime framePriceRating
    DellaProduces up to 40 lbs per day120 volts6 minutes$$$4.5
    DELLA 048-GM-48184Produces up to 26 lbs per day115 volts6 minutes$$4.4
    Della Portable High CapacityProduces up to 26 lbs per day115 volts6 minutes$$4.2
    Magic ChefProduces up to 27 lbs per dayNot listed7 minutes$$$4.1
    NewAir AI-100SProduces up to 28 lbs per day120 volts15 minutes$$4.0
    Mr. Freeze MIM-18Produces up to 26 lbs per day110 volts10 minutes$$4.0
    Avalon Bay AB-ICE26SProduces up to 26 lbs per day115 volts6-13 minutes $$3.9

    Independent review of best portable icemaker

    #1- Della Stainless Steel Water Dispenser w/ Built-In Ice Maker Machine Counter Portable, 40-Pound

    good portable ice makers

    This is a great ice maker to have if you have room for it. It’s a free-standing unit that produces up to forty pounds of ice per day. This unique ice maker comes with a water jug mounted on top. With just the push of a button you can dispense nice cold water directly into your glass or water bottle. It is simple to use with its soft-touch controls and its extendable water spout. This is the ideal dispenser for your home or office. You’ll keep family and/or employees happy when they have access to all the cold water and ice they need. With the Della Stainless Steel Water Dispenser, you’ll never run out of water or ice again.

    #2- DELLA 048-GM-48184 Portable Electric Ice Maker Machine, Red, Small

    best portable ice maker review

    This pretty red ice maker uses compressor refrigeration technology for the most efficient way for you to make ice at home. Garnering nearly four and one-half stars out of five for excellence and quality, this ice maker has a large clear window that allows you to see check the progress of the ice-making cycle and how much ice is inside. It features two cube sizes from which to choose, and it has a removable ice tray. A great little appliance to have for your next party that will ensure that you never run out of ice. Use it indoors or out, wherever there is an electrical outlet. Take it in your RV or to your vacation cabin and you will never have to drive to town for more ice.

    #3- Della Deluxe Ice Maker LCD Display Portable- 3 Cube Sizes Yield Up To 26 Pounds of Ice Daily -White

    della deluxe best portable ice maker

    This handy countertop portable ice maker is a great addition to any kitchen. A quality appliance, it is perfect to put into the RV before your next camping trip, to take on the boat on a hot day, or to use in your vacation cabin. Anywhere there is an electrical outlet you can plug in the Della Deluxe Ice Maker and start making up to twenty-six pounds of ice each day. This one is designed to be easy to use with its push button controls, the LCD display, and descriptive icons. The automatic on/off timer means you’ll never come back to a mess. Choose from three ice cube sizes that will satisfy anyone’s needs, and listen for the signal that alerts you when the ice is done or when it needs more water.

    #4- Magic Chef Portable Countertop Ice Maker Display

    magic chef portable ice maker review

    Make a glassful of ice in as little as seven minutes in this topnotch attractive silver portable ice maker. Give it twenty-four hours, and you’ll have twenty-seven pounds of ice, enough for the whole party. Keep this baby going and you’ll never run out of ice again. It’s so easy to use with its electronic controls. Choose between two sizes of ice cubes depending on your need or whim. You’ll still have to store the ice in your freezer, as this machine only makes the ice, it doesn’t keep it frozen. You’ll love the convenience of having fresh ice on demand. Take it anywhere there’s an electrical outlet for use in your boat, RV, or beach house, or just on your backyard patio.

    #5- NewAir AI-100S 28-Pound Portable Ice Maker, Silver

    good portable ice maker

    You’ll never have to make an ice run to the store again when you plug in this cute countertop ice maker. It will freeze twenty-eight pounds of ice in a twenty-four hour period. The simple-to-use LED control panel has settings for three different ice cube sizes. No installation needed. Just plug it in, fill up the reservoir with water, and wait up to fifteen minutes for fresh, clean ice right there in your own kitchen. Works great anywhere there is an electrical outlet—patio, RV, boat, cabin, rec room, garage, workplace lunchroom, or anyplace you choose. The compact design allows it to fit even in a small kitchen.

     #6- Mr. Freeze MIM-18 Maxi-Matic Portable Ice Maker with Lid, Black (Stainless Steel)

    best portable ice maker review

    This is a nice counter-top ice maker that will freeze up to twenty-six pounds of ice each day. It puts out nine ice pieces per batch. The housing is made of stainless steel painted a gloss black. There is an indicator light that comes on to let you know when the ice container is full, or when you need to add water. Convenient push button controls make using the ice maker a breeze. An external drain lets you drain any excess water that may be inside. This unit comes with an ice bucket and an ice scoop to easily remove the ice from the machine and either use or put into your freezer.

    #7- Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S Portable Ice Maker

    best portable ice maker

    Out of ice? Just plug in the Avalon Bay Portable Ice Maker, fill the reservoir with water, and in just six or seven minutes you’ll have a fresh batch of ice. Give it twenty-four hours and it will put out twenty-six pounds of ice. The push button controls are simple to use. Choose from two sizes of ice cubes. You can set it and forget it (at least for a while!) because the Avalon Bay ice maker has an automatic overflow prevention feature. You will need to store the ice in your freezer, though. You can take this handy little gadget with you when you take off in your RV, go to your vacation cabin, are entertaining, or just relaxing on your patio. You’ll never have to make a trip to the store for ice again.

    Features to look in portable icemakers

    Let’s look at a few of the various features that are found on today’s icemakers.


    Icemakers come in a variety of sizes. Some are large enough to stand on the floor. Of course, some are commercial sized, but unless you have a huge house, you’ll want something much smaller. Some of the smaller ones are less that a foot square, and yet will produce up to twenty-six pounds of ice per day. Some that make fifty pounds of ice per day can measure a little more than 25” x 14”. Most of the small ones weigh around twenty pounds, give or take a pound or two.


    As mentioned above, standard home models can produce between twenty-six and fifty pounds of ice per day. Don’t get it too big of a rush, however, because some take anywhere from seven to fifteen minutes to make just nine ice cubes. However, if you’re patient and fill the machine before you need it, you’ll have plenty of ice. An electronic shut-off feature prevents your ice machine from continuing to spew out ice if you forget it and walk away.

    Storage Capacity

    The ice cube storage capacity varies with the size and model of icemaker that you choose. A typical small icemaker can hold as little as a pound and a half, or a little over eight pounds of ice cubes. Larger models can store up to twenty-five pounds of ice. This size is great if you have a houseful of kids at your place all summer long.


    Features vary from model to model and brand to brand, just like with everything else. Most icemakers allow you the choice of small, medium, or large ice cubes, just by setting the right control. Some come with ice scoops, some with storage buckets or ice trays. Many have a clear viewing window in the lid so you can see the level of ice. Indicator lights tell you when the icemaking cycle is complete, or when you need to add more water. Some are self-defrosting, while others you’ll have to manually defrost. Some models have an automatic electric cleaning cycle, so that the interior stays clean, creating great-tasting ice every time. There is at least one model out there that had a water jug on top of the icemaker so you can have cold water with just the push of a button. An extendable/retractable spout is handy for dispensing cold water to drink

    Ease of Use

    Most icemakers are simple to use. Just put it where you want it, close to an outlet of course, plug it in, fill with water, and in just a few minutes you’ll have your very own ice cubes right there in your own kitchen, ready to chill that tall glass of orange juice. Many models have an exterior drain that allows you to neatly drain off any excess water that may be inside of the unit. Some models come with a reversible door, so if the direction in which the door opens doesn’t suit the space you need it to go in, just take off the door and put it on the other side.


    Icemakers come in a variety of colors that include stainless steel, blue, red, or black, so you can get one to match your kitchen.


     If you carefully consider what your needs are going to be for the best portable icemaker, you will have a better chance of selecting the right one from the start. Consider how much ice you will be using, how often you will transport your icemaker and how much convenience you need from it. With these decisions made, you will be better able to shop for the ideal icemaker.

    Tips to setup and maintain your portable icemaker

    Here’s a few tips on how to take care of portable icemaker.

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