Top 8 Best Meat Grinders

best meat grinders

Are you considering getting the best meat grinders, but don’t know how to start shopping for the right one? These tools can be the perfect addition to the kitchen. You can try a host of different recipes when you have access to a meat grinder. If you are a hunter, or raise your own meat, the use for this device is endless and will save you hundreds of dollars in meat processing fees. There are many different qualities to shop for when you are looking for the right meat grinder and the following guidelines should get you started on your decision-making process.

Comparison chart of best meat grinders

PictureNameWhat's included?Watt and warrantyPriceRating
Westonstomper, 2 grinding plates, stainless steel cutting knife, stuffing star, 3 stuffing funnels, funnel flange, 10mm snack stick funnel and the cyclone auger350W and 1-Year limited warranty$$$4.6
STX INTERNATIONAL STX-3000-MFThree Tempered Steel Grinding Plates, A Beaner Plate, 3 Stainless Steel Cutting Blades, 3 Piece Set of Sausage Tubes and Kubbe Attachment3000W and 3-year guarantee$$4.3
STX INTERNATIONAL STX-3000-TFThree Tempered Steel Grinding Plates (Fine, Medium, Coarse), 3 Stainless Steel Cutting Blades, 3 Piece Set of Sausage Tubes and Kubbe Attachment3000W and 3-year guarantee$$4.2
Magic Mill 3 Grinding Blades, 3 size sausage Stufing Tubes and Cubbe attachment1800W and warranty not listed$$4.2
Sunmile SM-G33 ETLStainless Steel Blade and 3 Grinding Plates, 3 Types Sausage Makers and plastic food pusher800W and warranty not listed$$4.2
Sunmile SM-G35 ETLOne stainless steel cutting blade, 3 various stainless steel Cutting plates, 1 big sausage attachment and 1 plastic food pusher800W and 1-year manufacturer warranty$$4.0
Homeleader K18-0103 Stainless Steel Cutting Plates Blades, Sausage Stuff Maker800W, 12-month replacement warranty and lifetime support guarantee.$$4.0
Della 3 grinding plates, meat pusher, kubbe attachment, one Stainless Steel Cutting Blade1400W and warranty not listed$$3.9

Detailed review of best meat grinders available options

To get you started on your hunt for the best home meat grinder, a short list of some of the most popular can be found here:

 #8- Della 1400 Watt Industrial Electric Meat Grinder

best meat grinder review

This grinder comes with a coarse, medium and fine grinding plate and puts out 1400 watts of power. It provides a compact design, with attachments stored neatly in the stomper, allowing for easy storage. Clean up is simple, thanks to its stainless-steel design and removeable head. The wide throat feeder makes it easy to load in pieces of meat that hasn’t been finely diced. It is a fast machine, grinding at a rate of three to four pounds per minute. It also comes with a Kubbe attachment for those stuffed meat dishes you want to prepare.

#7- Homeleader 800W Electric Meat Grinder Mincer

top meat grinder

This powerful mid-budget home meat grinder is ideal for those who are looking to start processing more of their own meat. It operates on 300W rated power or 800w locked max power and has various attachments such as a sausage attachment and food pushser. It also comes with three exchangeable cutting plates in fine, medium and coarse sizes. Performance is protected with its all copper wires and a body that is stainless steel wrapped. The tray is detachable for easy clean up but is not dishwasher safe.

#6- Sunmile SM-G35 ETL Luxury Red Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinder Mincer Max 1HP

stainless steel electric meat grinder

One of the best home meat grinders that still fits in most budgets, is this machine by Sunmile. It operates at 250W rated power with an 800W max when locked in. It’s not just for small jobs, and able to grind as much as 150 pounds per hours. The grinder is simple to use with an on/off switch that also has a reverse function available. The aluminum tube is detachable as is the stainless steel cutting blade, screw and stainless steel plate. The grinder comes with all the accessories including; plastic food pusher, big sausage attachment, 3 different sizes of stainless steel cutting plates and a stainless steel cutting blade. The grinder comes with ETL approval and a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer to help you rest assured you have a quality grinder.

 #5- Sunmile SM-G33 ETL Electric Stainless Steel Meat Grinder Mincer Max

best stainless steel meat grinder

If you are looking for the best electric meat grinder, this may be the right selection for you. This grinder has 400w rated power and 800w max. With this machine, you can grind as much as 170 pounds of meat per hour. The body is wrapped in stainless steel for easy clean up. It is easy to It is one of the quieter machines on the market, allowing you to work in peace. You will get a set of various sizes of cutting plates, a plastic food pusher, a stainless steel cutting blade, and a set of sausage attachments. The meat tray is made of aluminum, large to simplify processing, and removable for easy clean up> This is the ideal grinder for those who are looking to save some money by processing their meat at home.

 #4- Magic Mill Heavy Duty Electric Meat Grinder & Tomato Juicer

magic mill meat grinder review

This home meat grinder provides you with 1800 watts of power and a size #12 grinding head, allowing you to handle larger workloads. The feeding tube provides enough room for 2” diameter chunks to save you time on quartering. You get three, tempered steel grinding plates; course, medium (1/4”) and fine (5/32”) to give you flexibility in your grinding tasks. For those looking to make their own sausage, there are three tubes and Kubbe/Kibbe attachments included. Their sizes are ¾”, 5/8” and 1/2” allowing you to make different sized sausages. The larger than standard meat pan allows you to use bigger chunks of meat, reducing your preparation and processing time. This grinder also comes with a tomato juicer, for additional versatility. It has a stainless-steel body for easy cleaning and is perfect for grinding raw pet food and chicken legs. It is not dishwasher safe and should be hand washed only.

#3- STX International STX 3000 TF Turboforce 3-Speed Electric

3 speed best electric meat grinder

This powerful grinder has a locked motor wattage of 3000 watts that can be utilized at three different speeds; low, high and reverse and comes with a circuit breaker to keep you safe. You will enjoy a 2” feed tube and size #12 grinder. You get a fine, medium, and coarse tempered steel grinding plate. You will also have three stainless steel cutting blades in addition to sausage attachments. These include a three-piece sausage tube set and Kubbe attachment, so your sausage making will be a cinch. Like all STX products come with a 1-year, 100% satisfaction guaranteed. This includes broken parts and labor, letting you rest assured you have a quality grinder in your kitchen. Overall, this is a powerful grinder for those looking to process their own meat more regularly.

#2- STX International STX-3000 MF Megaforce Patented Air Cooled Electric Meat Grinder

best meat grinder

This high-powered machine (3000 locked motor wattage) has a patented cool air induction system that keeps the tool running smoothly. It has three speeds as well as a circuit breaker for your safety. This is not dishwasher safe. This grinder is a size#12 with a 2-inch diameter feed tube for ease of use. The grinder comes with a beaner plate, 3 Tempered steel grinding plates, 3 stainless steel cutting blades, a kubbe attachment and three-piece sausage tube set. These grinders come with a 100%, 1 year satisfaction guarantee.

#1- Weston No. 8 Commercial Meat Grinder and Sausage Stuffer, ½ HP

weston meat grinder review

This commercial grade meat grinder, is perfect for home use. It comes with 2 stainless steel grinding plates that work for fine, medium and coarse grinds. The machine puts out 350watts, is air cooled and stays lubricated. The grinder also comes with a sausage stuffing funnel that is ideal for those who like to make their own sausage. The design is compact to save on your kitchen space and attachments can be stored inside. This grinder also comes with a large tray to help save you time. It is easy to dissemble for cleaning and comes with a two-year warranty. It comes with stainless steel knife, sausage stuffing kit and adapter, four different sized funnels and spacer.

Choosing the best meat grinder

  • The Best Meat Grinder Size

One of the first things you should consider is how large of a meat grinder do you need. If you have seen the # sign used, you may be wondering why. This when paired with the number refers to the grinders size and is done by measuring its grinder plates. Common sizes are #5,8,12,22, and 32.

A chart of industry standards is as follows:

Size of grinder


5 8 12 22 32
Plate Diameter 2 1/8”


2 ½” 2 ¾” 3 ¼” 3 7/8”


If you are using the smaller grinders, you will have smaller feeding tubes, likewise with the larger models, be prepared for a larger feeding tube. Smaller sizes will generally operate with less power as well.

Consider what you will be using your grinder for. Will you be grinding meat for your own meatballs or burgers? Do you plan on working with larger quantities because you hunt or raise your own livestock? Perhaps you want to be able to make your own sausages in small or large numbers. Deciding the answers to these questions can help you decide on the right meat grinder for your needs.

  • How Often Will You Use this Best Electric Meat Grinder?

Is this a tool you plan on using all the time or something that you may get out once a month or every few months? If you think you will only use it for small quantities infrequently, then you likely only need one of the smaller meat grinders. You may even be able to shop for the best manual meat grinder. Another option if you won’t be doing large amounts is to get an attachment for your Kitchenaid if you have one. Unless you plan on using the grinder frequently, and processing large quantities of meat, you can likely go for a size #5 or #8 grinder.

  • How Much Meat Will You Process

If you are a hunter and plan on processing your own meat, or raising and processing your own livestock, you will need a larger grinder. These grinders have larger feeding tubes. This means you won’t have to dice the meat into as small of pieces and it will save you time overall. You will also find that the larger the grinder, the more power it will have. This will process the meat faster, additionally saving you time. For those looking to process larger quantities of meat, a size #12 or #22 is best.

  • What Are You Using Your Grinder To Process?

It is especially important to consider what you are putting through your meat grinder on a regular basis. If you are buying the best home meat grinder because you are processing raw pet food, you will be grinding up bones. This means you will need to consider something that may be a size #12, but the larger #22 and #32 will make your life easier. With these powerhouses, you can nearly drop an entire chicken leg in without having to dice it up first.

Most grinders can handle livestock meat such as pork, chicken and beef. If you are using it on game like wild boar, venison, elk or bear you will find these meats are tougher. These will go better with a grinder that has slightly more power.

  • Remain In Your Budget

You will have to look at the cost of the best electric meat grinder to also make sure it is right for you. This is one reason it is recommended to carefully consider how big of a machine you will need. You can save money by staying with the smaller grinders. One thing to factor in when budgeting for your grinder is that it is an investment. If you are regularly paying for processing your meat, you will quickly see savings when you can do it for yourself.

  • Other Considerations

If you choose to purchase a stainless-steel meat grinder, you will need to have more room in your budget than for the steel or aluminum varieties. These grinders are both stylish sharp, and will hold their edge for some time. If your grinder will see heavy use, you should consider getting stainless steel. These grinders will also have internal gears that are made of metal instead of plastic. Don’t forget to factor in that stainless-steel will weigh heavier than other materials. If you are moving your grinder a lot this can be a problem. For example, a #12 steel grinder weighs about 15 pounds and a stainless-steel one comes in at 40 pounds which is almost 3x heavier.

  • Accessories for Sausage Making

The majority of meat grinders on the market will come with sausage making attachments. These attachments may not work as well as an actual sausage stuffer, but they can get you well on your way. There are some models that will come with the sausage stuffing plate so you don’t end up regrinding the meat again as you go to make your sausage.


Once you take an honest look at how often you will be using your meat grinder, you can get a better idea of what size and strength is best for you. From here you can start shopping products to insure you get the best home meat grinder available on the market.

How to use and clean a meat grinder

Learn how to grind and mince meat using meat grinder. This video also tells us how to clean parts of the grinder

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