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best insulated lunch boxes

People used to pack their lunch in the old-fashioned ‘brown bag’ to help ensure their food was safe and fresh when they got to have their lunch break. Now people choose to use the best-insulated lunch boxes to insure their food is as fresh as possible when they get to finally sit down and enjoy it. An insulated lunch box will keep your food fresh and at the right temperature for several hours. There are many options that allow you to select from the best styles, different optional sizes and various compartments that you need. Before you start shopping, there may be a few things you need to consider. reusable cotton lunch bagAlong with these insulated lunch boxes we would also recommend purchasing this reusable cotton canvas lunch tote to carry the box.


Comparison chart of good rated insulated lunch box

Product imageModelMaterial typeWarming hoursPriceRating
LunchBotsStainless-Steel interior4 to 5 hrs$$4.8
Tiger LWY-E046 Not listed6 hrs$$$4.5
Ospard Stainless-Steel interior1 to 2 hrs$$4.4
FatmingoStainless-Steel interior3 hrs$4.4
HomeIdeasStainless-Steel1 to 2 hrs$4.4
Pinnacle ThermowareStainless-Steel interior4 hrs warm and 6 hrs cold$4.3
PekkyStainless-Steel interior2 hrs$4.0
Ospard SH-24Stainless-Steel interior2 hrs$3.9

Independent review of the best insulated lunch boxes for hot food

To help get you started shopping for the best insulated lunch box for hot food, here is a list of some top brands:

 #-8 Ospard Stainless Steel Insulated Lunch Box 33 Ounces Blue SH-24

insulated lunch boxes reviews

This stainless steel insulated lunch box, that keeps food warm, is leak-proof and has a capacity of 33 ounces. Food is ready to serve and kept warm in this leak proof lunch box. It is divided into three separate, stainless steel containers that stack on top of each other for convenience. Using stainless steel not only helps hold the temperature, it is also easy to clean and hygienic. The separate layers allow you to keep your food warm without mixing flavors or smells. The jar is spill proof with a seal that holds even when inverted. You can fit lid on every compartment if you decide to use any one of it. I would also recommend using a reusable lunch bag to carry this lunch box with you.

#7- Pekky Stainless Steel Bento Insulated Lunch Box Carrier, 4 Layers (nordic blue)

best stainless steel insulated lunch boxes

One of the more budget friendly and simple to use insulated lunch boxes on our list, this box from Pekky is fashionable as well as useful. Four stackable layers insulated container with a stainless-steel liner and snap on lid is what you receive. Each container holds upto 700ml and keeps food warm for 2 hours. You will be able to easily clean the interior, makes it easy to eat your food without spilling and its different layers of container prevents flavors and smell from mixing it. This insulated lunch box is ideal for pasta, soup, lasagna, noodles and other warm dishes. This box even has options in color like blue, green and pink.

#6-Lunch Box ~ Pinnacle Insulated Leak Proof Lunch Box for Adults and Kids – Thermal Lunch Container With NEW Heat Release Valve ~Set of 2~ Blue/Pink

pinnacle insulated lunch boxes

You can buy this insulated lunch box as a set of two; one in pink and one in blue. It has different color options as well. The lunch box is made of high quality, BPA free material with a stainless-steel interior to prevent leaks. The material is designed to keep your food warm for up to four hours or cold up to six hours. It holds 16oz. of food and does not have separate containers. The design is easy to open, with a snap lid that prevents spilling and messes. This is ideal for salad, soups, pasta and more. The shape is specially designed to be a wide bowl, making it easy to fill and easy to eat out of. Treat it like a thermos, before putting your lunch in, ‘prep’ the container by filling with either hot or cold water, allow it to sit, then dump and refill with your lunch. Please note it is not microwave safe or dishwasher safe and works best when filled completely.

#-5 HomeIdeas Three Layer Insulated, Stainless Steel Dish Set with Plate and Bowl, Lunch Box, Food Container, Bento Box – BPA Free (1.8L)

stainless steel insulated lunch boxes

The HomeIdeas lunch box you can feel secure the company makes their product with 430 food grade stainless steel. This insulated lunch box stores away your hot or cold food items. You get a three compartment,unique lid can be used as a bowl. This stainless steel jar is dishwasher safe and does not leaves stain like other plastic containers, to prevent it from scratches do not use steel cleaning ball and other hard objects to scrub. This lunch box will keep your food warm for about few hours. The lid should be tighten properly to handle for you to easily carry it. It is also made of BPA free material to keep your food safe and is perfect for picnic, schools, work and everyday use.

#-4 Fatmingo Stainless Steel Thermal Food Container,Insulated Lunch Box 2 Tier with Hand Bag (1.5L Silver)

good insulated lunch boxes


This is a stylish lunch box that keeps food warm and has a stainless steel inner compartments and comes with insulated bag. These make storing your food more hygienic, while being easy to clean. The lunchbox is not safe for your dishwasher and microwave as well. The two-layer design allows you to easily separate your food. The lid seals to keep you food from leaking out. It holds 1.5L of food and can keep your food warm or cold for around 3 hours. For the best result preheat the container with boiled water and then fill your hot food in it to keep it warm. This is an ideal lunch box for school, work, hiking and more. Flavors and smells do not pass through the layers, keeping your food fresh on all levels.

#-3 Ospard Stainless Steel Insulated Lunch Box 63 Ounce Blue

perfect insulated lunch boxes

One of the best insulated lunch boxes on the market, this product comes with a 100% money back guarantee. You have 63 ounces of storage space and three detachable compartments. This allows you to keep several dishes separate, as well as their smells and flavors. It is made with a stainless steel interior. The lid is a vacuum seal, keeping your food the freshest. You can use this best insulated lunch box to keep food warm or cold for 1 to 2 hours. Lids close tight, yet are simple enough to use for children as well. It’s good to note that this is meant for soup or to store warm food for hours.

#2- Tiger LWY-EO46 Thermal Lunch Box

perfect insulated lunch boxes

If you are looking for the best insulated lunch box for hot food that comes with a variety of containers, this one by Tiger should be at the top of your list. The design is ideal for meals planned around rice dishes. You get a large container for rice and two side containers of which one is perfect for soup. You also get a case for your chopsticks. The bag is exclusive, and compact yet provides enough room for all three containers. Each of the containers is microwave safe and will keep your food as warm as 129F for up to six hours.

#1- LunchBots Thermal 16 oz. All Stainless Steel Interior Insulated Food Container

best insulated lunch boxes

The leakproof design on this lunch bowl makes it ideal for holding soup and other messy foods you want to stay warm until meal time. You can fit up to two cups in the bowl and it will stay warm for as long as four to five hours. This means it is easy for you to load it up with soup, pasta, rice dishes, spaghetti, chili or even oatmeal. You can use it for hot or cold food and the wide mouth will make it easy to clean after every use. Because of its unique leak free design, you can easily put it in your child’s backpack or your briefcase. The stainless-steel design is easy to clean and safe to use. This lunch box needs to be hand washed but is durable as well as stylish.

What to consider when shopping for the best insulated lunch boxes for hot food

One of the best things about insulated lunch boxes is that they are eco-friendly because they limit your waste. The best are easy to clean and can be reused several times, helping you eat fresh and healthy while you are away from home. If you are just beginning your hunt for the best-insulated lunch box, there are several things to think about, such as:

  1. What is the lunchbox made of?
  2. How long will the insulated material keep your food hot or cold?
  3. Is the lunch box easy to clean and stain resistant?
  4. Is the lunch box the right size for your needs?
  • Quality of the Material Used for Your Insulated Lunch Box

There are many different types of material that is used for making insulated lunch boxes. The type of material used to create your lunch box can affect how fresh it keeps your food or how well it insulates it. Some common materials are; neoprene, fabric, plastic and sometimes rugs. If you need your box to last a long time, consider neoprene. It can stretch and is resistant to tearing. Before purchase, check the label to make sure the box can keep your food fresh for long enough. Ideally, the material you select should be able to keep your food either hot or cold for as long as 4 or 5 hours. For cold foods, there are some boxes that come with ice packs to freeze and insert into compartments to keep your food cool. For hot foods, the product label should indicate how long the food will be kept long and what needs to be done to keep it warm. If you are looking for an insulated lunch box that can keep food warm or cold, there are several on the market for you to select from. You should also make sure the material is BPA free and food safe. This will ensure chemicals don’t leach into your food.

  • Make Sure Your Insulated Lunch Box is Easy To Clean

The material used to make an insulated lunch box can be made using canvas and other bag material. One quality to look for in your lunch box is that it will be stain resistant. Something of a hard, BPA material or stainless steel is ideal. To help keep your food fresh and prevent bacterial growth, you will need to check if the material is dishwasher safe or needs to be hand washed. You will also want to consider if this will change how often you use the lunchbox. If you aren’t going to want to hand wash yours, then look for one that is dishwasher safe. If this isn’t important to you, you can shop other qualities first.

  • Getting the Right Size Insulated Lunch Box

You will want to check the size of the lunch boxes you are shopping from. If you need a large lunch to satisfy your hunger or tend to pack food for extended periods, then a larger size box will be better for you. Smaller sizes are better for young adults, children or those who are looking to maintain portion sizes. For those planning on larger meals, feeding more than one person, or extended times away from home, select a larger container. Luckily, there are several sizes available on the market.

  • Consider Cost

In addition to size and convenience, you will want to keep in mind a budget for your lunch box. If you have more money to spend, you can shop for higher quality materials that offer a range of sizes and styles. If you have a smaller budget you are working with, you may need to consider different containers that fit within your budget.

  • Insulated Lunch Box Variations

Are you looking for a lunch box that has room for just one, main dish? Do you plan on separating food into baggies in the one large compartment? Maybe you’re looking for something that offers a few containers of different sizes so you can stay economical while eating a variety of food. Try to picture the types of lunches you will be packing and how you will pack them before shopping for the best-insulated lunch box for you. Choosing one with several containers will be helpful if you like a range of foods. One large, insulated container is ideal if you pack a large, singular meal.


Remember to consider what kind of lunches you like to pack on a regular basis or if this is for someone else, what they pack. Once you have pictured the type of use the container will most likely see on a regular basis, have fun shopping for the right style for you. Make sure to check washing instructions and how long you can expect it to keep your food warm, and then get ready to start packing your lunches in one of the best-insulated lunch boxes.

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