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Best Bar Fridge With Ice Maker – Top Rated Bar Refrigerators 2021

    best bar refrigerator with ice maker

    If you have a bar in your home or own a bar, then you will probably want to keep a refrigerator on hand. The ideal situation is to buy the Best Bar Fridge With Ice Maker that is the perfect size for the space and fits underneath the bar. This lets you make the most of the area and ensures that you can always keep your alcohol and mixers cold if they were designed to be that way. The top fridges for bars will also have ice makers built in as an added convenience. Even narrowing down your search only to models with ice makers gives an incredible number of options, but these tips can help you find the best bar refrigerator with ice maker.

    List of Best Bar Fridge & Refrigerators With Ice Makers:

    PictureNameSize (Cubic Feet)PriceRating
    Nostalgia RRF325HNBLK3.0$$$$5.0
    top rated refrigerator for bar with ice makerEdgeStar 12 Lbs. Built-In Ice Maker3.0$$$4.9
    best compact refrigerator for barmidea WHS-65LSS11.6$$$4.8
    top rated refrigerator with ice maker for barDanby DPC6012BLS4.2$$$$4.7
    good-rated-bar-refrigeratorWhynter UIM-1553.5$$$4.7
    Midea WHD-127FSS13.5$$$$$4.7
    best-rated-bar-refrigeratorSunpentown IM-150US3.5$$$4.4
    Marvel 30iMTBBOL3.0$$$$$4.3

     Detailed Review Of Best Bar Refrigerators With Ice Makers

    Now that you have a better idea of what to look for in your bar refrigerator, you are ready to start your search. Here are the best bar refrigerator with ice maker to let you start your search. Each model is a great value, stylish, and practical.

    5. Danby DPC6012BLS Silhouette Select Built-In Party Center, 4.2 Cubic Feet, Stainless Steel

    best bar refrigerator with ice makertop rated refrigerator with ice maker for bar Buy on Amazon

    Leading the best bar refrigerator with ice maker is this Danby model. It is one of the few products on the market that is actually the appropriate size for a bar and includes an ice maker instead of just a freezer. You can fit up to 12 wine bottles and 60 cans. The ice maker features an 8-pound ice box and can make 4.4 pounds of ice each day. The appliance has a digital thermostat and a frost-free fan-forced cooling system.

    4. Midea WHS-65LSS1 Single Reversible Door Refrigerator And Freezer, 1.6 Cubic Feet, Stainless Steel

    best compact refrigerator for bar

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    This stainless steel refrigerator is one of the models that has a reversible door that lets it work in any space. It has an energy saving system and the legs can also be adjusted to fit your bar. There is a separate chiller compartment perfect for making ice with an ice-cube tray. The appliance also has a one-year warranty with a two-year warranty for the compressor.

    3. EdgeStar 12 Lbs. Built-In Ice Maker – Stainless Steel Door

    top rated refrigerator for bar with ice maker

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    Although technically an ice maker and not a fridge, you can get creative and use this system as a fridge for your bar as well. The door is reversible and it comes with an ice pick. There is a convenient on/off switch and the ice maker will automatically shut off if the ice bin becomes full. You can store 6 pounds of ice in the machine and make 12 pounds a day.

    2. RCA-Igloo 4.5 Cubic Foot Fridge, Stainless Steel


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    Like the Midea model, this is a best bar refrigerator with ice maker that has a built-in freezer compartment that includes an ice tray so you can make ice right inside. The fridge holds 4.5 cubic feet and has a built-in dispenser for cans. The thermostat is adjustable, you can raise or lower the feet, and the door is reversible.

    1. Nostalgia Electrics RRF325HNBLK Retro Series 3.0-Cubic Foot Compact Refrigerator Freezer, Black

    best bar refrigerator with ice maker

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    This Nostalgia fridge is the ideal size for a bar and it has a separate freezer compartment that is the offers enough space to make ice. The feet are adjustable and you also get removable shelves and a vegetable crisper that you can use to store snacks or drinks.

    When looking for the best bar refrigerator with ice maker, consider whether you want an automatic ice maker or will be happy with a freezer that easily fits a few ice cube trays. Any of the options mentioned above let you control the thermostat and are perfect for a bar. It is simply a matter of selecting the one that is right for you.

    Reasons To Pick The Best Bar Fridge With Ice Maker

    When you start looking at bar refrigerators, you will notice that ones with a built-in ice maker tend to cost a little bit more. This may make you wonder whether it is truly worth it, but the answer is almost always yes. Most people choose one of the best bar refrigerator with ice maker for the sake of convenience. You will always have ice right at your bar next to your drinks and other supplies. This means you don’t have to worry about running out of ice to make the perfect drink.

    In addition to the convenience of not having to make ice somewhere else then bring it to your bar fridge, picking one with an ice maker will take up less room. You don’t have to find a spot on your bar for an ice bucket or even a large ice maker. This lets you fill up the space with more drink choices or simply decorate the area. It is also typically much cheaper to buy a bar fridge with an ice maker built in than to buy a fridge and an ice maker separately.

    There are also numerous other benefits from having a single product that keeps your drinks cold and makes ice as opposed to two different items. It not only saves you money, but it will also save you time as you don’t have to search for two different appliances. Since looking for a single appliance can take hours if not days, this can save a significant amount of time. It also means that there are fewer components to repair if something breaks since everything is connected and fridges with ice makers have been designed to be as simple as possible.

    How To Pick The Best Bar Fridge With Ice Maker

    Now that you understand why the best bar refrigerator will have built-in ice makers, you are almost ready to start looking for your ideal appliance. Take the time to consider each of the following factors as they will all play a role in selecting the best bar refrigerator with ice maker.


    Fridges come in an incredible range of sizes but choosing to get a bar fridge will limit your options somewhat. All bar refrigerators are fairly compact, but there are still a few options available in terms of size. Think of how much room you need to store beverages, including what drinks and snacks you want to store in the fridge. Balance the space you need with the amount of room you have by your bar to fit the fridge. Buying one that is too large defeats the purpose of selecting a bar fridge as it will overwhelm your area. When considering the size of the fridge, don’t forget to think about the types of bottles you will be putting inside. Make sure that the interior racks and trays allow these bottles to fit inside.


    Think about what your bar looks like and what style, colors, and finishes would look good in the space. If you pick a fridge that doesn’t match the area, you can always paint it or cover it with decorative tape or a similar item. While this is possible, it will take time and money to buy the materials. It is much easier to simply start off by choosing a bar refrigerator that matches the counter, bar, and other furnishings in the room.


    Many small fridges like those designed for bars will have reversible doors, but this is not always the case. If your bar is in a space where the door has to open in one particular direction, be sure to select a fridge that lets you open the door that way. You can also avoid this problem by picking a model with a glass sliding door. This has the added benefit of letting you see inside to keep track of what drinks you have.

    Temperature Settings

    Most small refrigerators will have a similar range of temperature settings, but you still want to make sure that the one you are looking at meets your needs. Think about what temperature you plan to keep the fridge at and find one that offers that. Even if you plan on sticking to one temperature, try to select a fridge with a larger range as this lets you reuse the refrigerator for something else in the future.


    As a major appliance, the best bar refrigerator with ice maker will be energy efficient. If you have the machine plugged in all day long, it can quickly use up a lot of energy, hurting the planet and increasing your electricity bill. Take care of this by picking a model that is Energy Star certified or has been certified by another similar organization.


    Think about whether you have always used a certain brand of refrigerators in the past or whether you have any brand loyalty. Most people who have had positive experiences with previous appliances will want to stick to the same brand. If, on the other hand, the main fridge in your home is from another brand and you have had nothing but issues with it, you will probably want a different brand for your bar refrigerator.


    Finally, take some time to think about how much money you are willing to spend on your bar fridge. Set up a realistic budget based on what you can afford and what types of features you want.

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