6 Best Built In Wine Cellars 2019

Most of the wine cellars available are either built in or freestanding, but there are actually some that can work either way. Some of the best options can do either as this adds a great deal of versatility, letting you select how you want to use the machine. Wine cellars are basically refrigerators specifically designed to mimic the conditions of a wine cellar in a basement and they are perfect for chilling and preserving wine. To help you select the right choice for your needs, here is a list of the top built in wine cellars.

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List Of 6 Best Built In Wine Cellars  of 2019 For Storing Your Favorite Drinks at Home

PictureNameCapacity (cubic_feet)
Voltage and
Material TypePriceRating
KalameraCapacity, volt and watt not listedStainless-Steel$$5.0
KingsBottle 46 Bottle5.36 cubic_feet,
120 volts and
140 watts

EdgeStar 30 BottleCapacity not listed,
115 volts and
130 watts
EdgeStar 36 Bottle Capacity not listed,
115 volts and
120 watts
Whynter BWR-171DS Elite 17-Bottle17 cubic_feet,
120 volts and
100 watts
NewAir AWR-460DB 46 BottleCapacity not listed,
120 volts and
watts not listed

Detailed Review Of 5 Best Built In Wine Cellars  of 2019 For Storing Your Favorite Drinks at Home

#5 – 46 Bottle Dual Zone Built-In Wine Refrigerator

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This is one of the many best built in wine cellars that can also work as a freestanding unit if you prefer. It holds an impressive 46 wine bottles total and there is a dual zone storage system. This system means that you can keep your red and white wines each at their ideal temperatures via the indirect cooling system. The reversible door lets you customize the wine cellar for your space and the LCD display makes it easy to use.

#4 – Whynter BWR-171DS Elite 17-Bottle Seamless Stainless STeel Door Dual Zone Built-In Wine Refrigerator

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Although this wine cellar only holds 17 bottles of 750ml each, that is more than enough storage space for the average person. There is a dual zone system built in which allows you to independently control the temperatures of different areas to preserve each wine at its ideal. The cellar itself is sleek and stylish with black, stainless steel, and glass. Best of all, there is a warning system so you don’t accidentally leave the door open and hence is included in our best built in wine cellars.

#3 – 36-Bottle EdgeStar Built-In Dual-Zone French-Door Wine Refrigerator

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Those looking for the best built in wine cellars with a large storage capacity and a great deal of style will love this particular model. The French door layout gives the refrigerator a unique appearance and it still has stainless steel trim for a classy and versatile appearance. you can fit 36 wine bottles inside and can even lock the doors. This feature makes it perfect for those with children or who have an expensive wine collection.

#2 – EdgeStar Built-In 30 Bottle Wine Cooler

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This wine cellar has almost every feature that you could want in this type of item. The tempered glass door is reversible for easy setup and the interior features LED lighting so you can easily see your collection. There is a built-in carbon filter, an auto defrost feature, and an internal fan which circulates air. You also have the option of using Normal or Reverse Racking depending on your preferences.

#1 – KingsBottle 50 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler, Stainless Steel

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For those with a large collection of wine, this KingsBottle model is one of the best built in wine cellars available. It can fit fifty bottles and the hardwood shelves will not warp even when full. The digital display is of high-end and the compressor runs quietly at a high quality so you don’t have to worry about excessive noise.

Whether you are just starting out your wine collection or have a vast assortment of bottles already on hand, it is a good idea to invest in a wine cellar. These devices are small and will keep your wine in top condition, free from elements and at the ideal temperature. Any of the models on this list would be an excellent option or you can use them as inspiration and look for similar features in your favorite brand.

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